What's the most useful social media at the moment?

Kieran Lockhart - 3 Aug, 2023

Engaging the audience with Facebook

Folks, what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Grab a cup of coffee? Scramble to get the kids ready for school? Nope, If you're anything like me and I know a lot of you are, you probably reach for your phone before your toothbrush. Bet you open Facebook, don't you? Ah, the joys of modern day life! Speaking of joys, Facebook — the behemoth of social media platforms that even my son, Orson can't seem to resist — is definitely my pick for the most useful social media at the moment. It has been a monumental platform for us to connect, be informed, entertained, and much more that I'll be delving into in this section.

Now, picture me on a perfectly normal afternoon, sitting on the sofa, laughing at memes on Facebook while my daughter, Adela attempts to make a fort out of cushions. Funny videos aside, Facebook offers something for everyone, and I mean that quite literally. From the heartwarming story of a toddler saving a kitten to the latest stats on climate change, Facebook wears many hats, and wears them quite comfortably, if you ask me. Its undying popularity and unwithering influence places it firmly at the top of my list for the most useful social media tools, for now at least.

Twitter - More than 280 Characters

Next up on the list, we've got Twitter. Oh, Twitter - You're the quick, slightly temperamental younger sibling to Facebook. Not to brag, but I consider myself somewhat of a Twitter artist, taking the somewhat daunting task of expressing my thoughts in under 280 characters like a champ. But don't be fooled, under its seemingly simplistic premise, Twitter hides a vast world of knowledge, insights and snappy comebacks, making it a close second in this social media race. So, let's dive into the Twittersphere a bit more.

Gone are the days when Twitter was just for live tweeting episodes of your favorite TV show or stalking celebrities. I've found it transformed into a valuable platform for professionals to share thoughts and information. Case in point, my 'Twitter-artist' endeavors led to a meet-up with an old colleague who was impressed by my witty remarks about SEO strategies. Turns out, Twitter can be an incredible networking tool when used correctly. Plus, for me, there's something incredibly satisfying about getting retweeted by someone. Anyone else feel that, or is it just me?

Instagram - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Likes

Making our way down the social media highway, we arrive at Instagram, my guilty pleasure in my free time. Admit it; we're all a little guilty of spending more time than we'd like to admit scrolling through our feeds. Yet, Instagram isn't just a never-ending sea of visually pleasing images of your best friend's beach getaway. Nope, this platform is serious marketing gold and is as useful as it is addictive.

For someone who enjoys photography as a hobby, Instagram provides me with daily bouts of inspiration, but it's more than that for businesses and influencers alike. One day, I posted a photo of a magnificent sunset I caught with Orson during a father-son camping trip, and before I knew it, a local camping gear brand reached out to me for a collaboration. This incident was an eye-opener to the powerhouse of opportunities Instagram could offer when utilized correctly.

LinkedIn - Your Professional Social Media Wingman

Let's take a nerve-wracking topic: Job hunting. If you're not making full use of LinkedIn, you might as well be checking 'help wanted' ads in the newspaper. LinkedIn is about connections, opportunities, and the all-important professional image. Think of it as your own personal wingman helping you make the right connections and land the dream job.

LinkedIn proves its worth in gold when it comes to maintaining my professional circle. Being a blogger, I have leveraged LinkedIn to connect with other like-minded professionals drive engagement to my articles and broaden my work opportunities. So if you are on the hunt to experiment and expand your professional network, look no further than LinkedIn.

YouTube - World's Couch Potato Paradise

Imagine a place where you can learn, laugh, cry, and cringe, while still in your PJs, without leaving your comfy couch. Welcome to the world of YouTube! I spend more time than I'll freely admit watching home repair tutorials, epic fail compilals and science explainers.

Often, our family game nights turn into who-can-find-the-funniest-YouTube-video contest. But that's far from the only thing YouTube is good for. It's a haven for nurturing knowledge, skills, hobbies (did I mention I learned some of my best cooking hacks from YouTube?), and the skyrocketing numbers of successful YouTubers are examples of its value for businesses and individuals alike.

TikTok – Catching up with Trends Fast and Fun

Ah TikTok! Quite the sensation amongst the youngsters, especially my son, Orson who tirelessly practices the latest viral dance trend. TikTok would be the dashing rockstar cousin in this social media family, offering a kaleidoscope of content that's fast, fun and vaguely addictive.

Don't be fooled into thinking it's only about lip-sync videos and dance trends, though. It's a highly engaging platform where even businesses and brands find vast ground for creativity and marketing. Moreover, TikTok challenges have given me some hilarious bonding moments with Adela and Orson that are "TikTok worthy." A chuckle-a-minute is guaranteed here, and I'm not complaining!

Reddit - The Internet's Town Hall

Heading over to the slightly obscure territory, I present to you Reddit — often overlooked but rarely irrelevant. This platform is like an old pair of jeans; may not be the trendiest, but comfort and familiarity make it irreplaceable. Picture a virtual town hall, with conversations about every topic you could imagine, popular or niche - that's Reddit for you.

As someone who actively likes observing and participating in various discussions, Reddit holds a special place for offering me everything, from political debates to the latest 'Star Trek' fan theories. So forget mainstream; if you're craving a deep dive into the universe of communal discussions, Reddit is the ticket for you. Just beware; it's deeper waters than you think!

Over to you, readers. It goes without saying that the right social media platform can be a game-changer, both personally and professionally. Yet, maintaining an active online presence across all these platforms can understandably be overwhelming. So pick wisely, utilize them to the fullest and see the impact unfold on your social media experiences like never before. Also, remember to have fun while you're at it. After all, social media is about staying in touch, forming new connections, and engaging with the world. Sounds a lot like life, doesn't it?

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