Angels All Around Lullabies:
'Yeah !! I'm so happy Genie and Troy still making beautiful music together. We became fans when they performed at Community church back in 1996-7. I made the suggestion to Genie at the first performance that she should make a children's lullaby tape, and at the next performance, she had them for sale !! :) I bought one of each as we were expecting our first baby in 8/98. Ryan has fallen asleep to łAngels All Around" EVERY night since he was born. He calls it his Angel music and at 4 years old, he's still soothed and comforted by Genie's voice and beautiful lyrics. His 16mo. old baby sister loves it too and we've worn our tapes out!!! I'm looking for replacement CD's of łAngels All Around˛. I thank Genie so much for sharing her gift of music. Our kids love it! '

Angels All Around Lullabies

Dave is from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee .
For more info on Dave try: aol.com

You hunted it down!

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