Complete Works of Troy & Genie DVD:
' I gave the CDs that you sent to the youth at the Children's Home. Their feedback is that your music is "really excellent", "cool", and "awesome". Mind you that many of these kids are from the inner city and are used to listening to just about everything that they shouldn't be including gangsta rap with just about every swear word and violent act in the book. I used to be a DJ at a Christian rock station. This experience at least somewhat qualifies me to judge the Christian music ..your music has a definite light, airy feeling that is alot of fun and like a breath of fresh air! Very different than most of the music out there that has a heavy, ponderous feeling about it. you guys really deserve more exposure. if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know '

Complete Works of Troy & Genie DVD

Chuck is from Warren , Pennsylvania and is in the field of Computer : Programmer : Database Information Systems .
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