Complete Works of Troy & Genie DVD:
'Are you kidding? That would be incredible! I am always on the hunt for great worship music suitable for kids. Believe me, I search everywhere. The problem is that a lot of the stuff that is out there that is marketed toward kids is too childish for what the kids want. In my ever so humble opinion, that is why Scripture Rock is so AWESOME! This kind of music is a major draw for the kids.......... I suggest: John 3:16, Trust in the Lord, He is the Rock!, Joy! (It's on the Songs from the Loft CD - Amy Grant) Lord, I Lift Your Name (Kinda Petra style), Shout to the Lord, Celebrate Jesus (Jeff Moody has a great version, really rocks!), Awesome God (Rich Mullins), Everlasting Love ( lots of jumping on this LOVE it!) I would definitely find that enhanced CD useful and I think other children's worship leaders would also. I purchased the Scripture Rock sheet music, video and split track CD & continue to use them. A good investment! Aplit-track version of WOW-KIDS would be so cool! For people like me that don't have a worship band would make our lives so much easier. I work with a lot of youth pastors and children's church leaders and I strongly believe there is a need....not just for us, but for the overall market as well......'

Complete Works of Troy & Genie DVD

Linda is from Kalamazoo, Michigan and is in the field of Church : Leader : Children's Ministry.
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