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'Musical artists come in all shapes and sizes; and, no matter how that artist appears on the outside, the proverb that your parents taught you is still true: ŒYou cant judge a book by its cover. In the same way, you can never know the experiences that a person has been through just by looking at the surface. You have to use all of your senses to understand their point of view. Such is the case with Genie.On the surface, one looks at Genie, and sees a beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice, writing beautiful songs and playing beautiful music on her beautiful antique Steinway! And, honestly, all of the above is true. But, if you never looked past the surface of things, you would never feel the power of those beautiful songs, and the pain that they have been born out of. According to her bio, Genie has struggled for much of her life with chronic pain, including migraine headaches and other ailments too numerous to mention. Those struggles, combined with ordeals that life seems to pile upon people at times, paint a picture of a person who should be crippled by the overwhelming burden. In fact, many might be, and would choose to ease their pain in harmful and unconstructive ways. However, Geniehas taken her God-given talents, and used them to create music that is therapeutic for the mind, body and spirit. It has been successful in helping her to overcome lifes obstacles, and it is in this spirit that she creates her music. She hopes to offer people peace, and a way to combat the pain in their lives.The opening track, of this CD Wildflowers, is also the title track. It is a song that tells the touching story of a little girl who picks wildflowers for her grandmother; grandmother loves them not because of what they are, but because of the person that gives them. The musical arrangement is very full and lush, and the way that the instruments are recorded produces a very pure, clear sound unlike any other I have heard! Much ado is made regarding the piano Genie plays, and based upon this track, as well as the next (ŒQuiet Place), I would have to say that the instrument definitely makes a difference!ŒQuiet Place (referred to above) is another stunning song. From my personal experience, I have to say that the word best used to describe it is captivating. Even our teenage son, who typically listens to music by bands like System of a Down, Saliva, and other Power pop/Punk/Rock/Metal bands, enjoyed the song, and took the time to send Genie a personal note to tell her so! By far, it is the song that many will find most attractive, and will pick as their personal favorite.Each song found on Wildflowers is lovely in its own right; however, three other tracks are worth mentioning here. ŒUndying Love is a great song, and is my pick for next favorite (after ŒQuiet Place). I love its melody, and meaningful lyrics! My next favorite is ŒSomeday; again, the melody and lyrics are incredibly moving and touching! Lastly, the song ŒYou Steal My Heart Away is a very pretty love song, and is among the best!Credit should also be given to Genies musical collaborator and life partner, Troy Nilsson. He is responsible for the guitars, orchestrations and background vocals on Wildflowers. Without him, this CD would not be what it is! I admire the fact that he and Genie are able to work together to make touching, soothing, peaceful, and (I know Ive used it too much, but it cant be helped!) beautiful music! Wildflowers is not my ordinary cup of tea; I tend to find pleasure more frequently in the angst-driven world of Rock and Roll! However, I do know incredible music when I hear it, and I am grateful for the opportunity that I have had to hear it! To have overlooked this CD, just because it wasnt my typical fare would have been a gross oversight! The CD even includes instrumental versions of most of the songs, so that you can also listen to the music in the background as you work, play, or even just relax!You should definitely experience the warmth and soothing calmness of Genies Wildflowers! I guarantee that you wont walk away from the experience untouched! In fact, I think you will be much richer as a human being because of it! --Mark Lush, MWB 1/19/04 *Listen to Genie on MWB RADIO!'

Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

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