Scripture ROCK 1 CD:
'I am 27 years old and Scripture Rock is one of my favorite CD's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not that I never grew up........it's just that Jesus said to be like a child so I figured I would stay one! LOLAll kidding aside, this BY FAR is THE most amazing scripture music I have ever heard for children and adults alike. It has brilliant melodies, easy scripture references and it's TONS OF FUN!!!!So anyone thinking of buying this CD for your kids, you better think twice because you may need two- one for the kid and one for you! :-)Sincerely,Michelle GoldTovah Records Recording Artist, GMA Winner 2000, McDonald's GospelFest Finalist'

Scripture ROCK 1 CD

Michelle is from , and is in the field of Music : Performance : Performing Artist.
For more info on Michelle try: www.michellegold.com/swf/index.html or aol.com

What a relief!

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