'Shalom and Blessings... I will order Whisper again...I have given my Whisper CD away because everyone who hears it "wants it"...I found out about Whisper when living in Taylors, South Carolina two years many people have enjoyed this CD...a woman that is raising her two little ones without a husband plays the song "Shalom" every night. My twenty year old daughter has put that CD on when she is feeling alone and needs that extra "knowing that He loves her". I have felt led to give it also to another jewish man who is struggling with his identity as a Jew and learning about our Jewish Messiah..Yeshua/Jesus....I cannot hold on to such a blessing...I want to share Genies gift with those around me. There is healing in His Wings...I am a songwriter and singer too...and can appreciate His Spirit moving and whispering ever so gently....Blessings...'


Nissa is from ????????, Florida .
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