' I would like to share a wonderful experience with you. I am the editor of Recently I have been through the sickness and eventual death of my father from liver cancer. During that time a small snippet of Genies song "Shalom" sustained and refreshed me immensely, I caught it one day while listening to CelticChristianTunes on Live I played ³Shalom² almost constantly through this difficult time and during some of these times I experienced amazing visions of comfort and a complete assurance that my Dad was to enter into heaven. The inner strength and security I received was beyond words, absolutely incredible, and the soothing nature of Genies music played a major part of that, without any doubt. I thank the Lord for Genies wonderful gift. A special experience one morning was as if I vaguely heard ³Shalom² in the background. After checking my computer to make sure it had stopped playing, I soon realised that I was ³listening² to heavenly music- the angels themselves singing ³Shalom² - purely supernatural. The experience lasted for over 30 minutes - an earthly song sung in heaven- a most precious experience. '


Peter is from Christchurch 8015, New Zealand.
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