'Yesterday I ordered the "Wildflowers" and "Whisper" albums. I have tried many times to find the original "Angels All Around" series.  I did not realize that all the songs from the original 3 album series were included in "Whisper" and "Angels All Around". So I am delighted. This prompted me to send you a testimonial of the impact "Peaceful Prayers" has had on my life.  Four years ago, at the age of 38 and childless, I was diagnosed with a large (cantaloupe-sized) growth suspected to be Ovarian Cancer. Just a few days before, a girl friend had given me "Angels All Around." I came home from the doctor's office devastated at the possibility of facing Ovarian Cancer.  After the doctor's report I was so emotional I don't even know how I could have remembered the album, but I immediately opened it. I remember thinking if the album was peaceful and comforting I might use it during the days before my surgery as background music for my prayer and meditation sessions. From the time the growth was found until surgery there were just 8 days to spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepare myself.    Upon listening to the album for the first time I immediately realized the album was sent to me by God. My words cannot express the way my heart and mind were comforted by the angelic voice, music and words. Even one of my childhood favorites ("It is Well With My Soul") was included. I listened to the album continuously throughout the day and went to sleep to it every night. I cannot even imagine what those days would have been like without the album.  When I checked into the hospital, my loving husband (realizing the impact the album had on us both) got permission from the hospital staff to bring into my room a CD player so that I could continue to listen to this one album throughout my hospital stay.  Through God's blessings, my growth was benign. And when I awoke to the wonderful news, "Angels All Around" was playing.  The doctors felt a complete hysterectomy (due my future risk of cancer based on the type of growth) was necessary. Both surgeons involved were convinced that the growth was a malignant tumor until they received the initial pathology reports. They still prepared me that we had to wait for the complete pathology reports (about 48 more hours) before we could be certain. "Angels All Around" was constantly playing 24 hours a day. The next few months I spent many hours contemplating the life changes brought about by my illness; celebrating the intense joy of knowing that I no longer had to be concerned with Ovarian Cancer. But also experiencing intense sadness in knowing I could never give birth to a child. The entire experience I felt God's presence in a way that I had not ever experienced. Every time I recall I am so humbled and always brought to tears. I've embraced the experience as God's greatest gifts to me. It helped me know His grace and love. My heart goes out to Genie and Troy. Even with our experience, Richie and I cannot fully relate or understand what your family is facing each day. Please know that God is always with you. He is what will get you through this life experience.  In Christian Love,Mary'


Mary of ICOFA Consortium is from Pensacola, Florida .
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