'On hearing the first track, the temptation of the listener is to turn up the volume as you try and increase Genie's gentle vocals. However, if you simply relax and tune in to the sounds, she - and husband, Troy - will carry you along with their peaceful and soft music. Troy produces while Genie concentrates, primarily, on those wonderful vocal tones. "Shalom, shalom" carries few words, but what power there is within them! "Your Love Calls To Me" is my favourite piece, and conveys the knowledge that God is always with us no matter what we're going through. As well as original material, "The Lord's Prayer", "The Beatitudes" and "Be Thou My Vision" are all given the Nilsson treatment, with outstanding results. The marketing people say "Ambient and gentle, perfect for devotions and meditation". Who am I to argue? 10/10.'


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