'What an incredibly peaceful and beautiful, unique, loving and gentle voice Genie has! It is unlike anything I have ever heard! I am deeply moved by the story of her incredible health challenges ... and truly it is with God's grace that she is able to be used by Him in song to lift up others through her difficult situation. I will endeavour to pray for and believe God for her total and complete healing.My husband and I are pastors of a pioneer work in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our congregation has struggled with its ups and downs, and this ministry has been a very difficult one. We have on average, about 40 people who call our church their church home. The financial situation of our assembly at present is very difficult. We ... trust in the Lord that our situation is going to change in the near future.About a year ago, I ordered Genies "whisper" CD, and it has been an incredible blessing to our family. We are in desperate need of a computer update, and I have found that I cannot play or hear any of the songs that Genie has availabe to listen to. I would really like to order Genies set of four CD's. We will definately promote Genies beautifully annointed music to our people and other friends who can order on-line directly from Genie, once they sample the variety of your music that we would have.'


Paul is from Edmonton, Alberta Canada and is in the field of Church : Leader : Pastor.
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