'THANK YOU for allowing God to use both of you to minister to me and many others. I've been learning how to REST IN GOD and HEARING HIS VOICE....your music has touched my soul.....GOD HAS TOUCHED MY HEART!!! God has shown me more of who He is and given me so much peace through your music. I thank God for professionals like you who have a heart to let people see His glory through beautiful music. I just bought the WHISPER album, and the first time I heard it, I felt the anointing. I've cried so many times, listening to "BE STILL and KNOW".... I keep thanking the Lord for how He has used you to compose that song. ....I graduated from Regent in the Counseling and Human Services Program, and I will be going to Eastern Virginia Medical School (the graduate Art Therapy Program) to go to school and work with abused children. I'd love to use your music with abuse victims. There is healing in your music. I'd love to play this for many who need to be ministered. Your music has been ministering to me, and I pray that the Lord will RICHLY bless you and continue to use you in all that you do for Him. THANK YOU!!!!!'


Leilani is from Virginia Beach, Virginia and is in the field of Service : Medicine .
For more info on Leilani try: regent.edu

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