God's Top 10 Commandments CD:
'I live in Central Asia, Kazakhstan.  I am writing to request your permission to translate your songs on "God's Top Ten Commandments" into a local language in Central Asia. I am writing on behalf of a young lady who works with the Uighur people in CA. Security is tight and she asked me to contact you from the States while I am home for Christmas.  Someone gave her this CD and it is just what she has been looking for. She is so excited. The Uighur people have no materials written in their language. This is not for profit!  The people are very poor. When the translation is completed she is willing to send them to you. The Uighur people are Muslim and hard to reach but she is reaching them through children songs and puppets. It is so exciting. I am pleased to be introduced to your work.'

God's Top 10 Commandments CD

Brenda is from Bells, Tennessee and is in the field of Church : Leader : Missionary.
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