God's Top 10 Commandments CD:
' I used Gods Top 10 as a missionary in the Middle East. I am now home in New Zealand and involved in I used the CD to teach the children Bible in Schools, a half hour Bible teaching class allowed for all schools in NZ and. Gods Top 10 is VERY popular with the children, most of whom come from non-Christian homes.Several of my Bible in School teacher colleagues heard about the Gods Top 10 CD and asked for a copy. One regular teacher who sat in on my Bible in School classes and a non Christian was so impressed with the words of the CD that she felt it should be taught to all children!!'

God's Top 10 Commandments CD

Dorothy is from Brookfield, Tauranga New Zealand and is in the field of Church : Leader : Children's Ministry.
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Their faces are going to light up when you show them this!

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