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  Song Medley- a short taste of each unforgettably great, valuable song
"A thousand thanks for the God's Top Ten musical!" It made a huge impact on the children AND parents. Thanks for giving me quality tools to teach a life-long lesson to the children of Tampa! If your other music has the same impact, our world will never be the same! - Susan Ness- Children's Minister
"God's Top 10 is the fastest, most exciting, least expensive, and easiest way to give your family the priceless gift of "Knowing the 10 Commandments By Heart".
Only these incredibly catchy songs, written with fun, insight, and excellence as only Troy&Genie can, have the unmatched power to burn forever into precious young minds the essential 10 foundational values by which Western Civilization became great. This tiny $10 CD investment will pay you limitless returns by building in your children a lifelong foundation for success, wealth, happiness, & security in their jobs, relationships, marriages, and every area of life."
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