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by Troy & Genie Nilsson
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Nominated for a Nashville Music Award & Dove Award.
 "Scripture Rock is the fastest, easiest, most fun, least expensive way to give the rich rewards of knowing the Bible by heart to your family."
"Hands down, 'Scripture Rock' is the best disc out for kids!!!"
Very well done! Appreciated by kids, and even choosy musicians. "Cool" and Fresh.-Brent Weber -Music Minister
50 famous treasured scriptures (including chapter and verse), irresistable songs, fun rock styles for all ages, played with passion by real, world-famous live band members from D.C. Talk, Stephen Curtis Chapman, & Michael W. Smith.

Song Medley  Real Audio

God is the Rock mp3 Real Audio In the Beginning mp3 Real Audio
John 3:16 mp3 Real Audio FEAR NOT! mp3 Real Audio
GO! mp3 Real Audio Trust in the Lord mp3 Real Audio
God is Love mp3 Real Audio I Can Do All Things Through Christ mp3 Real Audio
The Great Commandments mp3 Real Audio All Things Work Together for Good mp3 Real Audio

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