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"...a great message of love and unity..."
"The music and sound effects are top of the line. For music and plays with a clear message, we will always choose Troy and Genie first every time. Our Pastor, youth, and kids & All who have read it love it. It has a great message of love and unity, something that our world is missing today. It shows how simple it is to be caught up into complaining and strife and not really realizing it; and how simple it is to give all our problems to God. How wonderful to have a play that teaches on "getting along" but also tells us how to forgive and how to be forgiven. Excellent work!"-Mark Olson - Children's Ministry
This great children's musical Celebrates UNITY. Each character plays a body part as they learn to cooperate. A fun & timely essential biblical, concept. SONGS: Muscle Rap, Dry Bones, Have a Heart, I Forgive You, WorkTogether, Lean On Me& More.
Highlight sampler: BIG/HiFi Medium small/lofi

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