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Your favorite 11 FULL SONGS, + over 100 samples from almost every kids song we have!
"A wealth of great scriptures, hymns, wisdom, and rocking fun that will enrich your child's life forever. And you'll dig it, too."
"... Any kids pastor should be screaming for it!"- -Gerry Bradley

Full Song
25 awesome cuts:
MP3 Lord's Prayer from ROCK THE WORD! MP3 God's Top 10 Highlights
Worship Rock Vol.1 Highlights Worship Rock Vol.2 Highlights
MP3 Real Audio John 3:16 From Scripture Rock MP3 Jesus Loves Me From Worship Rock Vol.2
GO! From Scripture Rock MP3 Talking To My Dog from Funny Songs
MP3 Scripture Rock Highlights MP3 King Of The Jungle FromWorship Rock Vol.2
MP3 Be Strong and Courageous from Scripture Rock 2 MP3 Christmas Animals Highlights
MP3 Scripture Rock 2 Highlights MP3 Books Of the Bible Highlights
Amazing grace from Hip Hop Hymns MP3 Praise Jam Highlights
MP3 Hip Hop Hymns Highlights MP3 Shalom from Angels All Around
MP3 The Body Highlights MP3 Beatitudes from Angels All Around
Lean On Me From The BODY MP3 Angels All Around Highlights

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