Nilsson Media Mission, Inc , is a 501C3 Nonprofit Public Charity from which Troy&Genie take no income. That includes all money from this website and concerts. In addition, Troy&Genie never ask anyone to give them or the Mission money. Many people ask, how are Troy and Genie able to survive??
Changing the World by Changing Hearts

The purpose of the Media Mission is to increase the total well-being of the human race by organizing and facilitating the distribution throughout the world of millions of beneficial, needed, and important media communications created by Troy and Genie Nilsson.

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Troy & Genie take no money from the Mission, and are not trying to get yours... so you can RELAX...

We NEVER ask anyone for money.

The Mission is funded by voluntary donations for our products and concerts.

We knew there was a reason for this mission when in 1998, the year before official incorporation, the Nilsson Media Mission accomplished:

193 Concerts & Live appearances
$125,000 in media materials given away
52,000 records sold through Christian Bookstores, Web and Concerts

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