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These songs help us and our friends cope with tragedies in the world and of Genie's battle with overwhelming pain.


ACROSS THE SEA realvideo mp3 realaudio
You, our kids, the Afghan children, the Iraqi children - all the same.

I Believe In Heros lo-fi med hi-fi
I wrote this song 10 years ago for my Dad, a rescue helicopter pilot who risks his life every day to save strangers, on a fraction of one percent of a basketball player's salary. It means even more now.

We said I Love You A Thousand Times" - wife of a hero who prevented the 4th plane from reaching Washington.

Fear not (From Scripture Rock)
Be Strong And Courageous from Scripture Rock 2

We must not be afraid.

After The Storm
Fire Of Unity
Hand In Hand
Together we can rebuild.

Hiroshima Stones
That bright clear Sunday morning changed the world forever, and we still feel the aftershocks.

I Am So Small
The Humbling
It's not all a loss if we finally see ourselves as we really are..


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