For 30 years she has struggled with unbearable migraine headaches, endometriosis, and an auto-immune disorder that caused constant terrible joint and muscle pain.
Despite this she is always full of light+Love as she keeps her 70+ hour/week schedule performing, writing, producing and running the nonprofit Media Mission as (volunteer!) VP.

The GOOD NEWS IS: Genie's health problems are under control now and she is completely off of medication.

Here's what's worked for Genie:

I know that sounds like a crazy long list but it really works. It's really just for starters. Being healthy today is a full-time job and a total life commitment.

Genie has become pretty knowledgeable on natural, drug-free, alternative pain management, and is the world leader in healing music for hospitals. If you want to encourage her or find out more, e-mail her, or call 888-801-5190.

Some research we've done on these on health issues is scattered about in the knowledge base.