Genie is a pacifist music artist who recently left Nashville and now lives on an Amish farm.
Genie recorded professionally for Sony/Epic, BMG, and Warner Brothers before her courageous decision to go independent so she could retain ownership and control of her own copyrights, in the interest of helping the world.
Through her Nonprofit 501c3 charity Genie has given away more than 2 Million dollars in media packages to the hurting and needy of the world.

Genie’s major-label work holds many awards and enjoys critical acclaim, and her voice graces the recordings of famous artists you already know, too numerous to mention. Genie has written and produced 26 CD’s, including the 4-CD “Genie” set. Recordings of her songs continue to sell past 3 million units.

Concert audiences all over the world have thrilled at Genie’s heartfelt honesty and unforgettable songs. Like Enya, to whom Genie is most often compared, a concert appearance from Genie is a rare treat.

Genie is winning a lifetime struggle with chronic pain, including migraine headaches. Throughout the previous decade overzealous physicians prescribed dangerous medicines, including the equivalent of 36 aspirin a day, nearly killing Genie. She is now medicine-free, but the compassion from her pain enables Genie to weave peace through music to help other people to relax and battle their pain naturally.

Genie grew up in a barn-shaped house built with her father’s own hands in rural Texas. Her amazing story is of loving parents, a tragic family history, abuse, unbearable pain, endometriosis, arthritis, the cancer scare, adoption, God, beautiful music, and Undying Love. It is told in the Biography television special on the Complete Works of Genie DVD.

Here is just one of the literally thousands of critical raves for Genie’s Wildflowers CD and 4-CD set:
"Genie's Wildflowers is a soothing journey through tender and angelic songs... an antique Steinway, very melodic gentle, breathy vocals and earnest lyrics... touching, an ambience of peace and healing throughout every song... lush and mellow in the vein of Kate Bush and Enya... precious. Genie is all about peace, and on Wildflowers, she dishes it out like candy." -Keyboard Magazine Nov 2003

If you have any questions or just want to encourage Genie, contact her (below).

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