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The miracle has finally happened! Genie and Troy have adopted a big, brown beautiful beloved and are working in the 3rd world to help many more helpless orphans find families.

This success followed a decade long nightmarish ride through the bureaucratic systems that even now are holding children hostage in foster homes, orphanages, streets and slums all over the earth.
What follows is the background up to the recent breakthroughs:

"Since I was a little girl my dream has been to have a child, but my health has prevented it. I'm not bitter. I accept whatever YHVH (God) provides.

Married for 17 years, completely out of debt and been blessed with a wonderful place full of rescued animals just waiting for children to play with.

At the end of the 10 weeks of State adoption classes, the State reversed their position and refused to let us adopt or foster because our beliefs forbid the use of Social Security numbers. (They use the SS# get federal $$. People say, "Sue the state!", but we don't play the adversarial game.)
We waited for 4 years for 4 agencies, even 'Christian' agencies, to allow a child to come home to us, but the children kept going to wealthier families, even though we've invested many thousands of dollars and have impeccable references. So if you know of children who need a good home, or need help getting through the same kind of struggles, let us know!

We've done all of the home studies and paperwork. We considered adopting an orphan girl from China but the expenses are huge. We would much prefer to work directly with the mother.

We were just about to adopt a little boy when the mother revealed she'd be severely abusing crack cocaine. We don't mind dealing with drug complications, but the agency said he would need to live with a nurse. You can imagine how that felt.

We're very happy to adopt special-needs-children. Any race is fine. We're open minded. We plan of course to home-educate the children.

We don't want to "buy" a baby from an agency, because of the corruption we've witnessed. We want to help mothers to give their babies a great home with a Mom and Dad, just like the Bible says, "he sets the solitary in families."

There's so much more to tell. Email me if you care or want more information. Here's a song to my child. called "You Steal My Heart Away"."

We plan to update the Biography television special on the DVD to include the adoption(s) and the rescue of the 3rd world street children.

More about the legal battles that people who stand on traditional Biblical beliefs are now being forced into.

If you have any questions or just want to encourage us, call 888-801-5190


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