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We're trying to adopt a child. Since I was a little girl my dream has been to have a child, but my health has prevented it. I'm not bitter. I accept whatever YHVH provides.

We've been married for 15 years. We are completely out of debt and we have been blessed with a wonderful farm full of rescued animals just waiting for children to play with.
BR>At the end of the 10 weeks of State adoption classes, the State reversed their position and now refuses to let us adopt or foster because we are Mennonites who do not use Social Security numbers. They use the SS# get federal $$. I know you're thinking "sue them!", but Mennonites don't go to law. BR>We're not rich. We've spent thousands of dollars and waited for 4 years for 4 agencies, even 'Christian' agencies, make our home a child's dream-come-true, but the children seem to keep going to wealthier families. So if you know of children who need a good home, let us know!

We have done all of the home studies and paperwork. We considered adopting an orphan girl from China but the expenses are huge. We would much prefer to work directly with the mother.

We were just about to adopt a little boy when the mother revealed she'd be severely abusing crack cocaine. We don't mind dealing with drug complications, but the agency said he would need to live with a nurse. You can imagine how that felt.

We are very happy to consider special-needs-children, we just want to know what can be known, because there are some needs we can handle better than others. Any race if fine. We're open minded. We plan to home-school the children.

We could put out feelers to ask for tens of thousands of dollars for agency fees, but we don't want to "buy" a baby, especially with other people's money. We just thought there were children out there who need homes. I guess we need to go to another country.

There's so much more to tell. Email me if you care or want more information. Here's a song to my future child called "You Steal My Heart Away".

Here's 300 photos from our ADOPTION PROFILE PHOTO GALLERY.

We plan to update the Biography television special on the DVD to include the adoption issue.

If you have any questions or just want to encourage us, call 888-801-5190


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