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Here you can download free songs, books, and more, and you can order CD's for whatever you can afford.

You can also help us help others. We've given away more than Two Million Dollars worth of life-changing media to the needy and hurting of the world. Still, we have a waiting list of thousands of people overseas and in hospitals begging us to send CD's of music carrying the healing words, AND the underlying integrity of art and spirit that you want to spread throughout the world. After you click the send button below, you'll be given the chance to tell us what part of the mission's work you want us to spend your donation on, from feeding starving children, to education, to sending music to AIDS and Cancer hospitals, to growing website costs.

All donations go 100% to the NonProfit 501c3 Charitable Mission work. No one, not even Troy and Genie get your money for personal use. The Mission's records of integrity are available for public inspection.

Our customer service manager, Sherrie, will cheerfully refund your donation if you request, so there's no risk.

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