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"I've heard it said that we can miss heaven by 14 inches. It's the distance from the head to the heart. A question of knowing about God versus knowing God" says guitarist, songwriter Mike Bauer. "Everything else in life flows out of knowing and serving Him. Our passion is to encourage people to seek this relationship and to understand that God has a unique plan for each of our lives."

This passion clearly shines through on the bauers' self titled CD, written, recorded and produced by the married musical duo. Their songs explore themes like God's faithfulness, surrendering to His will, the joy of knowing God and trusting Him through trials.

Though the bauers would call themselves pop, they are not afraid of bringing elements of other musical styles to their songs. You can catch them taking twists and turns delving into the folk, rock and even country sides of pop. Yet at the same time grounding themselves in lyrics that are conversational and eloquent.

Born and raised in New York, Mike and Kristin met at the University of Miami while studying music. They formed a jazz duo and began working around the Miami area. " I think all those classic love songs brought the romantic side out of Mike" jokes Kristin. They married after graduation and continued performing together. Mike was also working as a guitar player for the Miami based blues band IKO-IKO sharing stages with Bo Diddley and Los Lobos. In 1997 the bauers left Miami and joined TRUTH. "Mike and I had been feeling God's leading to go into Christian music. When Truth invited us to go on the road we knew that was an answer to our prayers. It was a great experience. You learn how to become a "musical missionary" traveling the country sharing the gospel." In 1998 the bauers left TRUTH and moved to Nashville. Since then Mike has played with 4HIM, Tammy Trent, Philips, Craig and Dean and is currently the guitar player for Sierra, Greg Long and Russ Lee. Together they have toured with Don Moen and Kristin currently works as a studio singer.

One thing that's undeniable about the bauers is that they're encouragers. Songs like "He Has, He does He Will, "Picasso" and "He who began" remind us that God is always near, He holds all things together and that nothing is too hard for Him. As trained evangelists their songs also provide opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel. "We grew up in a part of the country where there's a lot of religion. I always heard that Jesus died for my sins and I thought that was nice of him. But it wasn't until college that I began to learn the seriousness of sin in God's eyes. I also heard for the first time that heaven was a free gift. The idea that God would come off His throne, become a man, and die on a cross to take my sin away really amazed me. In essence, God punished Himself for our sins. All He asks of us is that we receive this great gift by faith. I found myself thinking wow, if this is true I want to serve that God" says Mike.

The bauers' concerts are very intimate and worshipful. Mike's sensitive and energetic guitar playing provides a perfect backdrop for Kristin's pure and angelic voice. Another dimension that the bauers bring is that they love to lead children's worship. As children's worship leaders in their home church they have the experience and heart to teach the young how to praise God through song. The bauers are perfect for special music and evening concerts, youth or evangelistic events and conferences. Through many years of writing and playing together they have developed a deep musical bond that makes them a joy to listen to.

"Mike and Kristin Bauer are two very special people. They love God and love to minister.
It was a joy for us to have them in TRUTH. Their music is fresh and annointed. They are real servants."

Roger Breland
Founder of TRUTH




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