Worship Rock 2 special order

Worship Rock 2 special order

This CD is special order, by request only, because
the material on the Worship Rock 2 CD HAS BEEN MOVED TO The Complete Works DVD.
THE DVD has the added features of bonus-tracks and lyrics-on-screen.

Worship Rock 2 is Fun cutting-edge worship like Worship Rock 1, but geared for 2-10 year olds.

Irresistable songs in a variety of fun rock styles.
Volume 1 has more sophisticated songs which appeal to all ages, including children and teens. Vol.2 is for pre-teens.

Karl D. Bastian comments: I just LOVE the new Worship Rock CD's - they are the first kids worship music that I actually use for my own worship while driving my car... they are awesome!!!! Karl Bastian The Kidologist

Tim Gillette comments: some of the most creative, challenging and well made Children's music we have heard. Tim Gillette YWAM King's Kids Ministry Taipei, Taiwan Republic of China

Dave Elshaug comments: What a great blessing you are to so many people.  I have already taught 3 new songs to our kids from Worship Rock 2.  I just love your music.  It hits the kids on their level and doesn't speak down or get too religious.  I am very int...

Dave Elshaug comments: I just love your music.  It hits the kids on their level and doesn't speak down or get too religious.  I am very interested in hosting a concert with you at our church. I just want to let you know what a great blessing you are to so many people...

Michele F. Popken comments: We recently had our new (ed. note: $10 Million) worship center dedication and the children sang "King of the Jungle" on stage. They really had a great time performing their "Theme Song" in front of everyone. Your ministry is doing a wonderful thing for t...

Rod Butler comments: We still play King of the Jungle on KidZone Radio. Timeless!

Traci Mastrocinque comments: Your CDs are still great BIG hits at our church with the children! King of the Jungle continues to get rave reviews!

David Olson comments: Dear Genie, All the things I have been doing for years goes with your songs. The Jungle song and I just bet alot of others. How fun to put together the motions I have with your songs and stories i do . Oh God Is Good.. - Wendy

Bible Times (Time travelin
Praise Him
Stereo Mix__

No, Slow, Grow & Go
Fulll mix real audio__

Jesus Loves Me Rock
Jesus Loves Me (Island Sty
Deep and wide
Peace like a river
Rise and Shine
River of Life
Jesus in the Morning
If You're Happy and You Kn
Noah's Rap
Walking in the Light
Kiddie Medley
Big Fat Mat Rap
Gone Fishin
Heavenly Father


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Worship Rock 1 2
_Hip Hop Hymns
_Books Of The Bible
_10 Commandments
_The Body



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