Worship Rock 1- special order

Worship Rock 1- special order

This CD is special order, by request only, because
the material on the Worship Rock CDs HAVE BEEN MOVED TO The Complete Works DVD.
THE DVD has the added features of bonus-tracks and lyrics-on-screen.

Worship Rock 1 is a cutting-edge worship album for everyone, including teens and children.

Irresistable songs in a variety of fun rock styles for all ages, played with passion by real, world-famous live band members from D.C. Talk, Stephen Curtis Chapman, & Michael W. Smith.

Disc 1 has more sophisticated songs which appeal to all ages, including kids and teens.
Vol.2 is for pre-teens.

Alan Root- International Kids Recording Artist comments: Worship Rock continues to be a strong source of God's presence and joy in my life. Troy & Genie did a masterful job of getting raw excitement on tape and still fine tuning the details. The voices are spectacular, the guitar and drumwork is inspired, the s...

Jody Brolsma comments: THE KIDS LOVED your music from GROUP’s VBS 2000!! We field tested it two weeks ago and it was hot! 5h grade boys--who are known throughout Christendom as rolling their eyes at any music--dancing wildly and shouting with the CD. I got chills when ...

Sherrie Gregersen comments: WORSHIP ROCK is Phenomenal! Unbelievable! Troy&Genie have done it again! This is the best music of its kind in the world, secular or Christian! Amazing how many age groups love this stuff!

Jason Byerly comments: Thanks for sending Worship Rock vol 1&2. They are well worth $13 each. I would love to get volumes 3&4 too. We’ve played Scripture Rock to death and it's great to get fresh stuff. Thanks for your high quality music ministry. You make children's...

Jen Webster comments: Thanks for all your great music for kids! It's the BEST out there I know of! Our church uses your worship rock cds # 1-4 regularly in our children's worship hour.

Jon Bayer comments: Just to let you know we used your song, "Hand in Hand" at the Peru Mission Network Conference of the Presbyterian Church in the US and Peru and it was quite a hit. Wish I had recorded it the last night of the conference when we used it during communion w...

Judy St. John comments: "This is great! - it ROCKS!'" The kids loved The Lord's Prayer. I tested it with a group of 4th&5th graders, and then with a group of 6th&7th graders. I asked them if they would play it on CD at home. They said YES and wanted to know how soon they could g...

Scott Raney comments: I am excited about introducing "Worship Rock"’s different versions of a few songs we already do, and thrilled that "Big House" is in split-track. I know that our kids will love these versions of the songs. Let me say thank you, thank you, thank yo...

Ken Beals comments: I am listening to an excerpt of “undying love” ..... and it struck me it didn't really dawn on me how truly and amazingly talented you both are....how God annointed the music and how tremendously blessed to be alive at this time at this hour ...

Jim Ward comments: You guys have tapped a need -- for contemporary sounding music that leads kids to real worship. I really appreciate what you guys are doing with your ministry. Your heart for MINISTRY is very evident, in contrast to others. And of course, the "obligator...

Beth Anne Rankin comments: It's so good to hear from you and to know that God is blessing your ministry so incredibly. You guys are just special people!! WORSHIP ROCK sounds awesome!! - MISS ARKANSAS

Holli Farr comments: I saw you at Children's Pastors Conference and loved your music. I bought several CDs for my children. THEY LOVE YOU!!!!!! It is so wonderful to have Christian music my children enjoy this much. As I am typing I am listening to my 6 year old son sing...

Rhonda Hancock comments: You are really in touch with today's kids! Thank you for sending the Worship Rock C.D. so quickly. I have listened to it and just love it. I'll be sending you a donation and would love for you to keep me up to date with any of your new "stuff".

Peggy Graves comments: I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all you guys did topmake it possible for me to get the "Worship Rock CDs for all my church kids for Christmas!!!! The kids were so excited they couldnt believe we had given them a CD (neither could their par...

Kim Williams comments: I bought the VBS Holyword Studios-I love the music (from Worship Rock)! I was already a fan of yours. Great job guys!

Mark Digirolamo comments: Got the new Worship CD's and love them - great work.

Jamie Doyle comments: Our kids love Worship Rock!

Ray Zimmerman comments: Your three worship rock CD's are just awesome. Thank you so much for putting out such great music.

Dave Holley comments: Your Worship Rock CD's rock! We love your ministry and look forward to keeping in touch with you guys.

Boomer R Roland comments: I have all four worship rock CDs and have used at least one of them every weekend since. Our kids love your music and I enjoy the quality and the price. You guys have an awesome ministry. Thank you so much.

Michelle Rogers comments: Thank you for your unique style of worshipping God that excites and inspires children of various ages.

Lori Miller comments: I lead worship for our AWANA group as well as the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in Sunday School. I have been using Genie and Troy’s Worship Rock CDs (I have all of them) as well as both Scripture Rock CDs. The kids love them and so do I. Being raise...

Judy St. John comments: Troy&Genie’s music is great! I have had a number of churches all over the United States tell me that they want upbeat, contemporary Christian music for children. I believe there is a substantial market for their music! I like the songs -many of my ...

Ray Zimmerman comments: I got Worship rock and Scripture rock and the Kids here at Radiant Church Colorado Springs are going nuts.

Michele F. Popken comments: I got a chance to listen to Worship Rock. It is really great and I played it for my class and they enjoyed singing along and working to the music. We give a thumbs up on the new CD. Keep up the great work.

Penny Harrison comments: My kids are very excited about having our own Worship Rock CD! We use it in our children's worship at church, so they love it already. We look forward to getting your blessed music!!

James Wilkes comments: I have ordered music from you in the past and our kids love it! Please send me Worship Rock and Troy&Genie’s Greatest kids Hits!

Annette Stickney comments: I purchased a couple of your C.D.s and a video. As always they are wonderful. I appreciate your ministry so much and my kids love your music. Send me the Blue, Red and Yellow Worship rock CD's. Keep up the good work. You are truly serving The King!

Laurie Sweigart comments: Thanks so much! I began teaching the song to my children's choir last night and they absolutely loved it!!!! They made me do it three times!!!! I will go to your website and check out more of your music. I am always looking for new things, especially ...

Krista Coyan comments: I am beginning to lead worship with the 4-6th graders this weekend using the worship (rock) cd's. I am so excited about the ministry Troy and Genie have and the impact it has on my kids and on me!!

Anonymous Superfan comments: The arrangements and the instrumentals are wonderful, absolutely beautiful.

Stewart R Bruner comments: We are really enjoying Worship Rock, especially the ska-punk Lord's Prayer (both kids run around for the entire song)!

Arthur Preston comments: Fantastic!!! This is a resource sadly lacking - good quality children's worship. I think your music is great a) it lifts God's name b) it brings the children into an understanding of who God is c) it is singable!!! - good tunes and easy to remember ly...

April Greene comments: We all love KING OF THE JUNGLE from WORSHIP ROCK! I think it is great what you guys are doing

Pauletta K Guibord comments: We want to thank you again for creating the song “Everybody in the House.” Everywhere the ministry team goes, it’s loved.

Karen Moran comments: I love all the selections and the "hip" music. I know it will be a hit with the children.

Ed Edwin Egan comments: I direct a group of teachers at East Valley Four Square Church in Orangevale, California and your Worship Rock CD's have been great for our kids! For the first and second grade children we have always used Worship Rock. The way you have performed the so...

Peter Bagley comments: I am particularly thrilled with the "Rock" series. Our kids respond really well to the upbeat music. It's great to see that our Saviour continues to inspire you to create music for Him and His kids. We at Trinity Wesleyan sure do appreciate you. CK ...

Malisa A Winebrenner comments: It was worth the wait! I received the Worship Rock disk this morning. I have listened to it numerous times already... I look forward to using it in our Kid's Worship service this Sunday.

Doxology (1999)

Holy Holy Holy
Full Mix__
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Yeah, I Love You Lord
Standing on The Promises
The Journey
Hey God, Let's Talk
I Need You Now
Crown him With Many Crowns
Holy Spirit
Yeah Yeah Song
I Don't Belong Here
I Won't Deny Him
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REAL AUDIO Short sample__

Fire Of Unity
Sheet Music__

Hand In Hand
med fi mp3__

We Go Boldly
No Other God


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