Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

Innocence, radiant beauty, simplicity, peace, gentle tenderness, heart, lovely unforgettable melodies. Immerse yourself in the warm gentle quiet of Genie's songs...

Songs of love for family, spouse and God, recorded on Genie's 1915 Steinway Grand Piano for lovers of simple, acoustic songbirds like James Taylor, John Denver, the young Amy Grant, the Carpenters, Alison Krauss, Keith Green, Jewel, Anne Murray, Celine Dion, Fernando Ortega, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sarah Brightman, Kate Rusby.

Robert Roberg comments: Genie’s songs make me realize that in all the darkness on this planet a candle is still burning. Genie has always been my favorite female vocalist and my choice to sing my songs. The CD cover is beautiful. Genie is being true to who she is. Genie&...

Keyboard Magazine comments: Listening to Genie's new album Wildflowers is a soothing journey through tender and angelic songs. Recorded on an antique Steinway (in Digital Performer), the piano playing is very melodic and gentle, nicely supporting Genie's breathy vocals and earnest ...

Steven R. Rochlin comments: Wildflowers: great, wonderful music. Think of Enya mixed with a touch of spirituality with a good dose of childlike wonder... some hidden, nearly hypnotic trance... Wildflowers has this trait plus (is) earthy, warm, and angelic, light, airy, and refreshin...

CHRISTIANITY TODAY comments: Genie is probably the most successful, generous independent artist you've never heard of. She's recorded with Sony/Epic, BMG, and Warner Brothers, writing and producing twenty-six CDs over her career. More than 3 million recordings of her songs have been ...

Arthur Preston comments: "Undying Love" is the most awesome love song I have ever heard! We’re having "Undying Love" sung at our wedding ... tears came into my eyes when I heard it! I am just so grateful to Genie for writing it and to God for giving her the talent to do...

Bill William Cunningham comments: I am mesmerized by Genie's songs. I am especially floored by "Undying Love." I didn't know God could sing...that the angels could play piano. That's the effect Genie's songs had on me while listening. I was taken WAY back by the Wildflowers songs. Th...

Jeff Jeffrey Syverson comments: We are so incredibly blessed by Genie’s songs. I can't begin to tell you how much I and my congregation appreciate them!! From the oldest to the youngest . Genie is so sensitive. Her songs and her story are especially touching...There are so...

Angell Watts comments: ...beautiful songs Genie’s voice is beautiful--what a gift from God! - Manager CBN Public Relations

Bill William R Cunningham comments: Genie's new Wildflowers' CD is beautiful. I especially love the songs "Quiet Place" and "Sailing Angel." They speak something very special and specific to me right now. I've never heard an angel sing. But if they should sound like Genie, then how grea...

Chris Fewell comments: I listened to every song - my favorite tracks were "Someday", "Ariel", "I Love You More Than Life", and "Sailing Angel". "I Love You More Than Life" was so sweet I was moved to tears. I thought the mixes sounded great, the back ground music was very w...

Hunter Payne comments: Wildflowers sounds great - lush, romantic, gentile, childlike, womanly, full. I love Genie's voice and I love the way she phrases when she sings. The production is perfect. I think it's a hit!

Christy Pryor comments: Wildflowers is a lovely project with winsome, engaging vocals. - Department Head NRB Communications - National Religious Broadcasters

Claude Charlebois comments: Genie's sound is indeed quite beautiful. A breath of fresh air in the vibratory garbage of the 'matrix' we live in.

Cornel Jurca comments: I have listened to the CD "Wildflowers" several times. The more I listened, the more I loved it. All the songs come to life. I believe that no one can truly love it as they should, only having listened once. I would compare this CD to one of the ...

Cathy Einberger comments: I am writing to tell you how much I love Genie's Wildflowers CD. I downloaded a couple songs from Amazon.com and liked them so much that I bought the Wildflowers CD. I received it a few days ago and since then I have been listening to it non-stop,...

Ailsa Robertson comments: Wildflowers is a beautiful album which I find calming & relaxing, particularly Quiet Place which I find hauntingly peaceful and will play endlessly by itself. My daughter, who is 8, loves Wildflowers and sings along. Most surprising is the effe...

Rikk Matheson comments: A gentle heartfelt voice that can calm the troubled spirit, beautiful piano (Steinway), and marvelous orchestration: powerful, beautiful, unique, soothing.

Zik Azikiwe Jackson comments: This independent artist from Nashville is adept at brushing a lovely canvas of soundscapes that bring peace to the listener. Genie’s style is wistful and lush, and her angelic voice is complemented by elaborate album cover art. For aficionados of ...

Sandy Serge comments: Something unexpected from the music mecca of Brentwood, TN. Genie provides mellow but extraordinarily luscious new age piano gracing her delicately passionate vocals. The musical equivalent of looking at a beautiful painting and taking the time to absorb ...

Stewart Brodian comments: I am enthralled by the song "Wildflowers". I'll be sure to play it on my show!

Ray Sandusky comments: awesome - the lyrics are really touching and the music moving! - Kim Sandusky- Vocal Coach to such star signed artists as Beyonce Knowles, Tom Keifer of Cinderella, Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child), Pam Tillis, Mark Schultz, Michelle Williams of Destiny's...

Brian Richy comments: Wildflowers is indeed is truly a breath of fresh air like the delicate whisperings of Angels in my ears!

Louise Higman comments: I want to let you know how very much I love Wildflowers. (Genie has) a lovely voice and (is) so pretty! Wildflowers made me cry and the whole album is just great. I'll be featuring it next weekend on my program. I want to present ethereal/angel type ...

Elyse O'Connor comments: I hear in Genie’s voice--a simple, deep, compassionate wisdom-- this is the gift Genie’s music brings the world. To me, Genie goes beyond peace and sings the essence of life, its multiple experiences, its humanity, its art. In Genie̵...

Claude Charlebois comments: I listen to Genie’s Art and am transported.

Janet Ivey comments: Wildflowers is breathtaking! Beautiful!

Marg Chauvin comments: Wildflowers is a wonderful CD. It is truly remarkable. The opening cut on the CD is moving with a tender and meaningful piano passage. It is accompanied by a soft, delicate voice that clearly tells stories of human love, family love, and a deep commitme...

Yvonne Rice comments: The emotions are so incredible that I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Genie I have played the CD again and again . . . it is so beautiful. (A girl I’ve been counseling) nicknamed Buggie has been horrendously abused and has not s...

Yvonne Rice comments: The emotions are so incredible that I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Genie I have played the CD again and again . . . it is so beautiful. (A girl I’ve been counseling) nicknamed Buggie has been horrendously abused and has not s...

Indie Music comments: "Full and sturdy inflections of the piano, vocal layers and strong acoustic guitars envelope Genie’s voice, and the resulting sound compares to Enya’s." Stripped of its brilliant orchestration, Genie’s Wildflowers would remain sweet...

Rick Nelson comments: I had the great opportunity to listen to Genie's songs and within moments her angelic and soothing voice accompanied by a tranquil musical accompaniments truly struck a chord in my soul. It is one of those rare times in life when the songs bring goosebum...

Mark Lush comments: Musical artists come in all shapes and sizes; and, no matter how that artist appears on the outside, the proverb that your parents taught you is still true: ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’. In the same way, you can never know the e...

RAN BIRKINS comments: Years ago, a TV commercial for a new fragrance taught us this: "If you want to get someone's attention, whisper." Genie has taken this axiom to dizzying new heights in her CD "Wildflowers." Her soft, angelic voice is a delightfully delicate and innocent w...

John La grou comments: Wow! I really like what Genie and Troy are doing. And Genie's voice and spirit is magic.

Christophe Vacher comments: Genie’s voice and music are beautiful. - Christophe Vacher- Disney feature animation artist

Kim Loftis comments: On her album Wildflowers, Genie presents a selection of delightful love songs. These songs do not only address romantic love, but also love of pets, family members and God. All are heart felt, absolutely sincere, and very lovely. At the center of ...

Jason Massey comments: Genie's music is very relaxing. Genie's gone in a much different direction than most musicians. - Austin Experience

Janet Ivey comments: Great music!

Serafin Contreras comments: It is great. Wonderful. Wow. I enjoyed it.

Sametta Brown comments: Beautiful, Peaceful and Majestic...inspiring and gracious!

Christy Chrislyn W comments: Lovely songs. Genie will go far with her music. It is a nice change from the loud stuff on the radio.

Ron RONALD POKATILOFF comments: I love the relaxing WILDFLOWERS!! I just love this song, and I have downloaded a whole bunch from Amazon. I wrote a 5 STAR review on Wildflowers on Amazon. Fantastic! It allows QUALITY music lovers like myself to hear QUALITY music. (Not the superstar ...

Sonyia Smith comments: I can't think of any other adjective other than Angelic! - Artist Interviews/Contributing Writer www.GoGirlsMusic.com

Ted Selu comments: It's great to see and hear music that is very inspirational and peaceful, especially in todays world. Beautiful music.

Lou Lou Nelson Promotions* comments: Wow, I love this kind of music and the voice and lyrics of Genie can put you into a trance....You can feel yourself right there...within the song...this angel of a voice, put me in a mood of tranquillity. What a great job...I'd love to hear Genie in pe...

Robin McNeil comments: My grandmother is passing with congestive heart failure...she raised me and has been the most important key to my growth in life...I would like to play thie song “Wildflowers” at her funeral... I can't say how much this song touched me this ev...

Geoff Currey comments: "Genie's music is very soft and calming. Led by her gentle and passionate sounding voice, the songs on the Wildflowers CD provide a relaxing atmosphere of tranquillity and peace." -www.GeoffAU.com

Jim support comments: Genie is an accomplished songwriter and performer. Her CD Wildflowers is richly produced and arranged. Her girlish voice and faux naive vocal style combine to great effect on tracks like 'Someday' and 'Quiet Place'. I guess because I'm an instrumenta...

Efrain Torres comments: Wow, it sounds great musically and sonically!! Killer.

Joanne Miller comments: I listened and was so impressed. It is absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. Will definitely add these CD's to my Christmas list.

Patti Weeg comments: I am listening to Genie’s beautiful voice. I am a granny and her song “Wildflowers” is so sweet. My little granddaughter is almost 4 and she has often brought little flowers to me. It is beautiful. I will share Wildflowers with the ...

Steve Brosteve95 @aol.com comments: Great website and songs, Wildflowers sounds great!

Gary in WV comments: I want to compliment you on the most beautiful music that I believe I've ever heard. You are blessed with a wonderful gift and I wish you much success.  I was at a friend's house yesterday and they had one of your CDs.  I got your web address fr...

Jon Michaels comments: Genie has an amazing voice. Perfectly angelic!     I clicked the button, (not really in the mood to hear anything) and I was blown away. Genie’s voice, the story, the whole song was mellifluous. ( i love that word) Your voice i...

Neil Sexton comments: I have to say Genie’s music is extremely haunting and enchanting to listen to. I would certainly love to hear the whole CD. I would certainly be happy to play a track on my show.....

Geoff Minor comments: It was a ray of sunshine in the middle of the chaotic storm of my day. It is always nice to take a break, to listen to a true angel and remember why I got into this business in the first place...

rahlo blacksoilproject.com comments: Just finished listening to Quiet Place. All I can say is. . . unbelievable.

Rick Nelson comments: I went to Genie’s website and randomly chose a song..it was wildflowers. Wow! I have not heard so much emotion and pure innocence in a song in a long time. ...how truly touched I was by that song.

Dean Sciarra comments: The music Genie offers is so beautiful. She has an exceptional talent. I don't offer my services to every artist who contacts me. I am not a "gun for hire". I only work with the best artists I can find. And Genie would be gladly added to my roster.

Perry Leopold / Pan Music Network Perry Leopold comments: Absolutely gorgeous music!

Kimber Chick comments: One of the most striking things about Wild Flowers is the strength of production: the whole sound knits together very well and portrays a sense of very tight unity. Although it strikes comparison with early Kate Bush and to an extent Enya, Genie’s m...

Betty Large comments: We so appreciated the hard work Troy and Genie did to get a background tape done for the Song "Undying Love" for my daughter Jennifer. She has now sang it at two weddings and the response has been amazing. Everyone Loves it ! It is a great song. One o...

Christy Lauer comments: Genie’s music brings such peace and love to my life. When I listen to Genie sing, I feel the great love from God, and such a belonging to this wonderful creation that is mankind. I hope Genie knows how much she has changed and touched all of us.

Louise Higman comments: I love "Wildflowers" and have featured it on my program, New Morning Music, twice. I have also included Genie twice, in a high placement, on the top 20 list I report to New Age Reporter. I would like very much to hear more of Genie’s music. Hopef...

Doug Robertson comments: I've been listening to Wildlowers with great interest and appreciation. Troy did a tremendous job of production. I love Genie’s voice and the arrangements are perfect. It is definitely "cuddle up by the fire" type music. Prosody is certainly applie...

Gary Remal Malkin comments: I heard Genie's songs, and production, and it's remarkably courageous how intimate they made it, how personal Genie's voice sounds, how touching it is.

Zoe Montana comments: I'm playing most all Genie’s songs on the station in heavy rotation! :) Plus - she was featured on the Best of 2003 page for two weeks at the beginning of January! We love Genie!!

Kristin Benjamin comments: First, let me compliment the beautiful look of the total package. A very pretty product! I enjoyed Wildflowers very much. It is both melodic and relaxing.  The songs have lovely lyrics and sentiments and are very well suited to Genie’...

Debbie bixby comments: I was surfing the net looking for smooth, soft Christian music to play in our retail establishment but I certainly didn't expect Genie’s music to be so powerful as well. We can help Genie’s mission along by selling he...

Rob Carty comments: Genie's voice is marvelous. Outstanding site.

Kriss Slver comments: inspiring story and beautiful music. Genie's work has inspired me to move forward with my own songwriting and singing. I too experienced many years of tragic abuse. Hearing "Quiet Place" helped me to see how to communicate with others the strength an...

Robin Noel Bulmer comments: I think this is wonderful. I really enjoy Genie's style and the quietness of her songs. It's what I really need when I'm at work or when I get home. Life is so busy and crazy sometimes, that we just need something to focus us on the Lord and be quiet i...

Chris Robinson comments: Great- very beautiful songs.

Mary Cohen comments: very lovely. Very sweet and serene

walter sargent comments: Beautiful music. I found it touching, refreshing and sincere.

Robin McNeil comments: As I sat down at my keyboard to work, I noticed words (from Genie) that were written with a friendliness that swept over me with warmth. I clicked the link that appeared before me and listened to a song titled "Wildflowers" by Genie. ...

Marty Hollands comments: beautiful voice and music.

Richard Butch Berget comments: I LOVED the Wildflowers CD! I've recommended it to many friends!

Mike Michael J Boss comments: I love the Wildflowers CD! God's glory is truly revealed in these songs. I haven't listened to the other CD's yet because I'm stuck on the first couple of tracks of Wildflowers. After I heard the first two songs, I decided to order another 3 CD's becau...

Andie Jones comments: Beautiful music... even more beautiful cause...

David Wimble comments: Very beautiful and calming.

Ray Grundy comments: Genie couldn't be classed as COUNTRY, however, Genie’s music is so wonderful and relaxing, I feel that it could be of interest no matter what the musical preference.

Brad And Sandy comments: I downloaded a few (free mp3’s) from Genie’s website and will give them a spin (on kqrp.com)

Marg Chauvin comments: It is plain and simple. Genie has a wonderful gift.

Ariel Kalma comments: I listen again and again to Wildflowers and find it so special... and the idea of doubling the songs without main vocals is wonderful as it gives another feeling... a lasting feeling... Troy, he is very gifted too with his sensitivity.

ralph Oleski comments: Wildflowers is something you need to experience... lovely, lush music mixed with lyrics that will touch your heart... True pleasure for the mind and soul.

Chuck Girard comments: I'm a GENIE fan. Genie is doing it right! I have always loved the ethereal quality of Genie’s voice and the great arrangements. Genie’s stuff is very special, and always brings goosebumps. This is the highest praise from me because ever sin...

Neil Sexton comments: I would like to play it on my show. Genie has such a haunting and enchanting voice, I know our listeners will love it!

John S. Chalice comments: I heard Genie’s music on cmradio.net. I thought it was neat sounding.. I wrote a poem as an encouragement to her... I like Genie’s music. I'll be checkin it out more later... :) Only heard Wildflowers and Someday so far.. but they're cool ...

Amber Patterson comments: I absolutely fell in love with what I heard!

Mark Lush comments: I added the beautiful tune “Quiet Place” to MWB Radio’s Jazz/Easy Listening playlist today.

Charles Leet comments: Wonderful song ... I will find a place for it on a show that I do for a station in Vancouver called LG73.

Jan Hernandez comments: I am sitting here at my computer, listening as tears stream down my face to the song "Lora." I have rarely seen that spelling, and to have an entire song written around the name--well, you see it's the name of my late daughter, Lora (also a singer). She w...

Cary E. James comments: It all sounds wonderful. It sounds fantastic. Such a sweet sounding voice. Spread the word!

Tammy Trent Lenderink comments: Amazing! I loved listening to Genie’s songs. Beautiful and peaceful. God bless the peace that surrounds Genie’s life!

Anonymous Alias of RK comments: I don't generally listen to Genie’s style of music, but after hearing one of her songs, I listened to them all because they were so beautiful and sincere. It's nice to see a person who uses computers for music, and not actually sound like a compute...

ERIC @ WSVNRadio .net comments: I will add Genie to WSVNRadio Hall of Fame compilation CD Volume 14, and feature her music on the WSVN Radio Internet Radio Station on a weekly basis!

Andre Steijns comments: The music on Wildflowers is perfect, it's made with love for music and a message for the listeners.

Brad Johnson comments: We love Wildflowers, and play it all the time.

John L. Iverson comments: "heartfelt music at its finest..." - I played a couple of tracks of Genie’s music on my program this past Sunday, and I plan on playing more in the future. Genie’s music is warm, peaceful, and very soothing. It fits well into the theme and ...

Kim Jones comments: Pros   • Beautiful vocal and piano work • Touching lyrics Cons   • Different from what most new listeners will expect - but not really a bad thing The Bottom Line - This is a beautiful CD. Guide Revie...

alyssa Capillo comments: I feel like I'm in a middle of a pure and perfect place when I listen to the Wildflowers CD. Genie is an amazing singer who expresses her feelings against hate, violence, and abuse in songs such as "Quiet Place": "In this quiet place away from all the hat...

Jason Broadwater comments: Genie's release, “Wildflowers” is soothing and sweet and pretty around every corner. Genie's voice is beautiful and strong, and the recording is very well engineered and produced.

Neil Sexton comments: I love the Wildflowers album. Really lovely to listen and relax to. I love the sound of Piano and Voice, particularly Genie’s voice.

John Garaguso comments: I love what Genie recorded. Her voice is just absolutely beautiful. I began programming Genie’s music into my play lists last Sunday evening... (like Enya) I love the way she and her producers and engineers layer her vocal tracks multitudes o...

John Mayes Guitars comments: Genie has a wonderful voice and the songs were very beautifully written and executed. I would be happy to offer Genie my Artist endorsement.

Christine Steele comments: Such lovely, soothing music. When I play Genie’s songs I literally can feel the tension and pain flow out of my body. They transport me to my childhood.

Amy Lotsberg comments: Genie’s strong point is her lyric writing. The songs are very poetic. She sings of love mostly, but also of angels and birds and well, wildflowers. The title track is a lovely story-song with a nice message. The second half of this record...

Julie Stewart comments: I adore Genie! Her music lifts my spirit and helpts me to fly. :-)

Eddy Lohn comments: very beautiful with much expression. It should do very well. I personally enjoy that particular style and tempo.

Jerry Mac comments:  The song, Wildflowers, is absolutly beautiful, delivered especially well. I tip my hat to everyone involved in the production of Wildflowers. 

Michael Bailey comments: Genie has a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed listening (to Wildflowers).

Larry Garcia comments: Genie has a beautiful voice. I will come back and revist and take a long listen to even more... Genie is a talented lady.

Leo C comments: Wildflowers is a very good song and I think it will get lots of airplay, Someone requested Wildflowers. I will get it on air.

michael liquidgothic comments: I am listening to "Wildflowers" as we speak. Genie has a very beautiful voice and the keyboard is great.

Jennifer Marks comments: very soothing and lovely

Bob Jensen comments: I book acoustic music, and I know what I like and what I don't. I did listen to the Wildflower song, and it was very nice.

Pershing Wells comments: Very well done. ...nice and sweet and easy to absorb.

Tony thoeppne comments: Genie’s music is wonderful. I will pass the word around about it....it's beautiful.

Terence Ford comments: The songs are very "Peaceful" well recorded and produced. My children love them too.  At last my kids are paying attention to some nice soothing "sane" music. I like the style, voice and lyrics.

info mail comments: Truly beautiful music!

mike blackmore comments: Excellent song!

Les Nelson comments: The artwork truly is beautiful and (Genie’s) music is awesome.

Russ Diamond comments: Genie’s voice and arrangements certainly inspire peace and harmony! very nice!

todd adifferentdrum.com comments: I enjoyed listening to Genie’s music. If she’s ever interested in putting out a CD of electronic dance mixes of her songs, some kind of collaboration would be fun. A Different Drum is a synthpop label, so our market is aimed at fans of great...

Tg Mondalf comments: While Genie’s music style isn't really what Latex Records is currently focusing on it is very beautiful - in fact Genie’s vocals sound like her voice would be excellent for a Delerium collaboration. I'm sure Bill Leeb is always still looking ...

mike webmaster comments: I'm just glad I was by myself the first time I listened to this song, because the song reached into my heart and brought tears to my eyes. With such a pretty voice, like a cherub singing, Genie's music brings peace to your soul! I'll probably be listenin...

Geoff Geoffrey Emery comments: Very nice. We do not have much like this on the label at the moment but we just signed a group thats quite similar and are looking for some more to go along with them.

Linda ljwp comments: I truly enjoyed listening to Genie’s sound traxs. They are truly relaxing and peaceful.

Barry L Cohen comments: Quite lovely, reminding me somewhat of the music of Lois Vierk, except she uses the piano strings a lot.

Sasha Davis @ PolySutraEnt comments: We reviewed Genie’s music, and like it a lot. Great press!!! And some wonderful songs. Genie’s songs are competitive in the current marketplace, and have an excellent chance to be successful.

kellee song kelleesong comments: Very sweet sentiment....Genie has an incredibly soothing voice...very pretty. It's so exciting!

Mark Lush comments: I was listening while working on Genie’s page, and I have to say that I liked "Quiet Place" the best. Genie’s music is really beautiful. - Jenny

Heidi Schwartz comments: pretty voice .. very nice!

Rick Jensen comments: I am listening to Genie’s most wonderful CD "Wildflowers" as I type this. (I appreciate) the opportunity to be a very small part of her musical releases.

C.W. Ross comments: Genie’s music is very peaceful and soothing. What you will find on Wildflowers is a lot of piano-based relaxing music. The CD is set up with the first tracks being regular songs with voice lyrics, and the later tracks being instrumental-only version...

Norman James Mccort comments: We look forward to hearing more of Genie’s songs, music and catalogue in the future.

Jeff Damon comments: ...extreme detail all the nuances in Genie’s singing. I wrote a long time ago what I thought about Genie’s singing... she has a beautiful voice.

Carol L. Jones comments: I listened to 3 of Genie’s new songs and they brought me to tears. I cannot express how much they touched me. I felt such a strong anointing in them. Yes, peace, but more than that. I believe Genie’s music will bring the healing hand of G...

Paul Michael Meredith comments: (Genie is) continuing to bring much needed beauty into the world. "Wildflowers" is gorgeous! (This was to be expected of course:)

Tim Heintz comments: I liked Genie’s audio samples - very beautiful.

Phyllis Robinson comments: I have had Genie and Troy both on my mind most all day long.Just listening to those Wonderful CD's. I just love the sound of Genie’s voice, and the Music is outstanding. If Troy wrote, all that beautiful music. Why are they not on all the top thirt...

Lisa Butler / Imaginotion songs comments: I went to Genie’s website and checked out Wildflowers. Simply beautiful. What an amazing talent Genie has!

Peter Read comments: We thoroughly enjoy Genie’s music. Indeed, Genie is important to us! ... ...the world needs all the peace and love it can get.

RAN BIRKINS comments: The MusesMuse.com website for songwriters has published my first review...and I chose to honor "Wildflowers" as my "first." When I accepted this gig as a reviewer, it was with the stipulation that I would only review material...

Rich Maidment comments: I was at Genie’s site listening to some of her beautiful music and my girlfriend who is a professional figure skating coach almost jumped out of her seat when i played the trax of Wildflowers. My girlfriend is very interested in using some of Genie&...

Stewart Brodian comments: It's always a pleasure to play Genie’s music on my show!

Kris Gorski comments: I love Genie’s songs. In this money driven stressed up world they are a real treat.

Mark Saunders comments: I'm just listening to Genie as I'm writing this. Sounds really good. Good web site too.... Genie’s making very relaxing music in this extremely aggressive age! A refreshing change.

Clinton A. Lindgren comments: Hi there, Jenie! I recently got four of your CD's, and I just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying them very much, especially ‘Wild Flowers’, and ‘Higher than the Heavens’. They are all absolutely beautiful, and ha...

Kim Sholl comments: I recently discovered your music...of the ones I have listened to, "Wildflowers" is my favorite. The song is absolutely beautiful and touches a special place inside of my soul...Your song brings peace and happy memories of better times with my grandmoth...

Trisha admin comments: I'm adding Genie to the play list today.

Michael parenti comments: very fine - Pulitzer-prize nominated author

Shawnte' Salabert comments: Genie does a wonderful job ...a truly uplifting person!

Alu Count Alucard comments: I absolutely loved hearing Genie’s songs.

Kevin Craft comments: It really is done well....I will be purchasing Genie’s 4 cd set as a gift for my wife for Christmas...soon...

DeeAnn Brandon comments: Beautiful music!

John Van Nest comments: (Genie’s) music is very well done.

Fred Wheeler comments: Genie’s Wildflowers is listed on the new MP3 Top 10 at Indie Journal.

Kat Newton comments: I think Genie’s music is very lovely. I'm also a singer, writier, producer...and I've completed 4 CDs now but I'm feeling the need to do something similar to what Genie’s doing, but different...a bit more operatic.... I'll definitely add Geni...

John L. Iverson comments: Genie’s music is very nice. I will consider airing it on my radio show.

Mike Corso comments: Sounds great.

davy g davyg comments: We were very impressed.

rick rick comments: Genie has a great voice and the music is good too. We will do a feature (showcase) on Genie.

henry @ lulu.com comments: I heard Genie’s recent submission "Someday" to LuluMUSIC and was quite impressed.

Danielle Clout comments: Genie is a clever girl! 'Peace through music' - we certainly need it and Genie’s music is a great way to go about it.

Dianne Tant comments: Great voice and style (I love the instruments used too).

Rick allison comments: gorgeous music... here's to a peaceful world.

Erik Beyer comments: I review albums for www.onlinerock.com. I have listened to Genie’s material! Beautiful!

Andre Steijns comments: Genie is compared with Enya. Well I'm not so fond of Enya's music, simply beacause Enya’s is too commercial, Enya’s isn't natural. Please , Genie, don't start making commercial music, the music on Wildflowers is perfect, it's made with love fo...

Rod Butler comments: Genie’s solo CD is beautiful, very creative. Timeless!

Kristin Benjamin comments: I have enjoyed the CD and will get a full review out ASAP.

Brent N. Hunter comments: Genie’s music is so beautiful and soothing to the heart and soul. Genie’s story also moves me, I wish I could help her in some way... Genie is an angel among us for sure.

David Fisk comments: I've been checkin' out music from Wildflowers. Enjoy the Enya style elements Genie infused into the music....very peaceful. My faves are probably Someday and Sailing Angel. I hope and pray Genie’s music ministry touches many lives with its inspiring...

mike webmaster comments: I really like Genie’s songs- very touching and uplifting for the soul!

Fred Wheeler comments: I have included Genie’s CD "Wildflowers" as one of the featured CDs this month on the Indie Journal World Music CD store. I hope it helps for a little publicity.

Bob James comments: I just purchased the 4CD set as I had downloaded some of the MP3's on Genie’s site and really enjoyed them. I hope she doesn’t take offense, but when I want to relax and fall asleep (like in my carpool) Genie’s singing and music allow m...

Stephen Hills comments: I downloaded the 'Wildflowers', it is very relaxing, I play it sometimes when I get quite stressed, as I can do late in the afternoon with the children also getting tired and hungry. I do need to listen to more of what Genie has, I just like this one so ...

Brandon Hilkert comments: Genie’s music, it's beautiful.

John Garaguso comments: I love what Genie recorded. Her voice is just absolutely beautiful. Personally I'm partial to the instrumental versions of her tracks, but that's just my personal taste. I'm an instrumentalist at heart. I began programming Genie’s music into my ...

Becky Bangerter comments: Beautiful! Thank Genie for sharing her inner light and beauty with us all.

Robert Roberg comments: They just keep getting better and better. My favorite now is Streams in the Desert. It really lifts my soul.

Ted Wood comments: I love that song! I am definitely buying Genie’s CDs!!!

comments: Genie - Wildflowers: What’s it all about? Here’s a singer who has written and produced more than 26 CDs, but not for fame or bling. Texas-native Genie makes music for the purpose of helping people all over the world. Genie is one of the millio...

comments: Genie has one of the most angelic voices we’ve ever heard, so be prepared for a very soothing listening experience. It kind of reminds us of a relaxation tape we once used to drown out the voices so we could sleep ... but that’s another story....

Angie Lord comments: Beautiful songs!!

Johnny Staffieri comments: Wow! Quite impressed! In fact, Genie would be a perfect guest for our 'superstar series'. We have had some of the biggest names in music on our show, and Genie would be a nice addition. We feel Genie has a very compelling story behind her music in this c...

Sam Samantha Richards comments: I listened to Genie’s songs with interest and thought she was great.

Daniel Vaupel comments: My name is Daniel and I am writting for the german based christian music magazine SOUND7.de. While reading the Christian Music Today magazine I saw the article about Genie and must say that I am impressed with her music.

MARCO Markus GANZERLI Ganzherrlich comments:  Genie 'Wildflowers' MARK: 85/100 I've decided to review this CD which is not music I usually deal with, both for a challenge toward a style that can open and refresh my mind and out of curiosity for a girl who seems to have had a very painful life l...


Bill William K. Groll comments: Lovely, but a little too relaxed for me :o)

Stanley holditch comments: Genie has a great voice and Someday sounds really soothing and nice.

John E Stephens comments: I'm amazed ... Very pretty and the artwork is also wonderful.

Bill Whitman comments: We like it!

Paul Brill comments: Genie’s music is very lovely.

Nessa A. Marquez comments: (i) Love Genie’s music. Would like to collaborate soon...

Paul Jones comments: A fine commercial project.

David Avery comments: very nice.

Sammye Woods comments: I'm delighted - these (song) samples are lovely, and I will pass them on.

Josephine Natawiria comments: I've heard Genie’s songs and I think it's very inspirationing..

Herb Herbert Schwartz comments: Geat work.

Barb Bell , Stephanie Bolender comments: I will certainly play it on our show.

Toni Spence comments: Beautiful songs. I get migraines too. At least 4 or 5 a week. I also use a wheelchair. I was born with Arthrogryposis.

David Avery comments: Genie’s CD, Wildflowers really is quite wonderful. It doesn't fit in with college radio or AAA, but would be good for the New Age stations.

Pamela L. Taylor comments: I'm a Chaplain at Texas Children's Hospital and work with many children and teenagers with constant pain. I would very much enjoy hearing some of Genie's songs to see if it might be another alternative way to relax our kids. Thanks, Pam Rev. Pamela L. Ta...

Clo Clois G raborn Klli-fm 105.3 comments: right on genie, - love the tune! - promo freak -clo

Russ Thug comments: I have reviewed it, and found it to be a truly wonderful listen. I have read Genie’s Bio, and she has also been an inspiration to me as well. I was a police officer, and was in a terrible car crash while on duty in 1998. I too am in a band: www.dp3...

raymond raymond comments: I will put a link to geniesongs.com in my website. I know it's not metal but it still good music.

Pete @ realukmusic.co.uk comments: I like to feature good and worthwhile sites from time to times and have taken the liberty of featuring a link to Geniemusic.com on both the South Yorkshire Folk website and the Real UK Music website.

Gary @ GiantRadio.com comments: I have in fact listened to Genie’s songs on her site and she has a wonderful voice. :-)

Dusty Owens comments: Genie’s work is beautiful.

Pat Still comments: I have always enjoyed Genie’s music. It comes from her heart.

Vicki Blankenship comments: Genie has a sweet voice.

rick j [email protected] comments: Great work Genie does, writing and performing her beautiful music.

Dennis Yarbrough comments: Listen, Genie’s music is great. She has truly blessed my heart with her love, friendship and music. My work with Hospice continue to go well. The dying have taught me so much about how to live and how to die. I am grateful for this day and this ...

Michael Scaman comments: I LOVED Genie’s wildflower song... it sounds like a great valentine song... Genie reminds me a little bit of "Ray Boltz" but in a more feminine story telling style... I will have to listen to it again later in the day when I'm less stressed

Jurgen juergen kramar comments: I love Genie’s music and the beautiful paintings. Love and peace Jürgen

Eric Zanetis comments: My name is Eric Zanetis. I am a record producer in Nashville. My assistant came upon Genie’s web site and played a couple of her songs for me. I like her voice very much. I lead a team of professionals. We have had success in all areas of the ...

Mark Saunders comments: I'm just starting to mix in 5.1 surround which is an amazing experience. Genie’s textural material would sound great in surround. I hope the new DVD-audio and SACD surround formats take off.

Vicky Hamilton comments: I like Genie’s music.

Scott Morefield comments: It's great music to listen to in the office. Very relaxing.

Héctor Noble Fernández comments: A fundamental term to understand the music of Genie is PEACE (and probably also Love), other perfect words would be spirituality, innocence, beauty and "angelical" in sensation. In concrete musical position, place it between new age and pop (with some ant...

Cat Catherine webb comments: Genie has such a beautiful voice that has tears roll down my face. I love her songs; they are so wonderful and magical. She is awe inspiring. Genie is truelly a beautiful angel.

Leonard comments: (Genie’s) music is clearly well put together and (she has) a fine, pure voice.

Kim Thomas comments: Wonderful work.

Dragan Stajic comments: YEAH ! Radio FEDRA need that kind of music becouse our audience have good taste.

Susanne Millsaps comments: The production is very nice.

jenni nk jennink comments: I checked out Genie’s site and mp3s and they are great.

Joe Vincent comments: Sounds great.

Yvonne Rice comments: This letter is going to be so very difficult for me to write . . . . but only because the emotions that are prompting it are so incredible that I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Genie I don't know if you remember me or not, but my first contac...

mark altomusic.com comments: Nice songs.

radio radio comments: Genie’s music is being spotlighted on Whole Wheat Radio this coming week.

Tom Blodget comments: I was wondering if you wanted to do a trade. I originally recorded 20 songs in English, and re-wrote them in Spanish (I teach college Spanish) to teach Spanish these last few years. My music style is classic rock and reminds many people of Sim...

Earl Grinstead comments: My name is Earl Grinstead and I play drums for the group El Sob. I'm a good friend of Norman Famous. Norman's been talking Genie up lately, so I thought I'd see for myself what he's so excited about. ...and that's my story.

Connie S Smith comments: In today's world of stress and with the continued discovery of disease and illnesses that we just don't know the answers to...there will always be a market for something to relieve both tension and pain in such a wonderful way as (Genie’s) positiv...

Laurent Rizzo comments: I heard Genie’s music, it's very beautifiul.

Jodelle net comments: I checked out Genie’s website and listened to some of her music and enjoyed it very much. We women/musicians need to stick together and support each other.

Kathi artistshelpingartists comments: very nice; seems I recognize "Undying Love" as a hit song by someone

Odin Witchwayisup.com comments: I would love to play (Genie’s) musick on my Internet radio program on http://www.witchwayisup.com. (She is) truly talented and wonderful.

Zik Azikiwe Jackson comments: Great tunes.

Kris Gorski comments: I love Genie’s songs, which I got to know through the unicornation board. I am inquiring into some alternative treatments for her health problems. It never hurts to try. I'll get a copy of Genie’s works soon. - A Pole living in France-Paris

Scott Greiner comments: Very soothing.

Lex Lex comments: I love Genie’s song Quiet Place! My friend and I are making a demo cd and were wondering if we could use that song- it would feature our voices.

Entertain EIOzine comments: Cool!

Roberto Dillon comments: I enjoyed it's listening.

Bill Donaldson comments: Very nice music.

Underground Hip-Hop Radio comments: very nice music!

Evert Nijkamp grunnenrocks comments: I'm more of the rock type ... but I'll link Genie’s website on the general linkspage.

Ze frank comments: Cool

Razor Razor comments: I like Genie’s music.

Maxine Cummings - "cross Rhythms Editorial" comments: The 'Wildflowers' album is awaiting auditioning for radio. 'Wildflowers' will be reviewed in the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of Cross Rhythms.

Liz Koch Aka Notorious L.i.z. comments: Well, I checked Wildflowers out & for the djs I promote to It's WAY too mellow. These folks who promote to Non-Commercial stations who would probably LOVE Wildflowers: Tinderbox: jon a t tinderboxmusic.com IndieGo: john a t indiego.com

Russell W. Elliot comments: I believe that Genie’s music would be well served to be reviewed at Musical Discoveries. ... Listed in the top ten of the major search engines in the Female Vocalist category, ... progressive, contemporary and crossover music featuring the most stu...

Larry A. Russell comments: I visited and was very impressed by Genie’s site in general, and the cover art presentation in particular.

Tim Waters comments: Genie’s recent CD was received well in our local Christian community magazine.

Andre Steijns comments: (Now playing on the new age show): Wildflowers (for Grandmother) and Sailing Angel

Don Campau comments: I appreciate Genie sharing her projects with me.

Michele Lady lomystery comments: I've just been browsing Genie’s website and want to express how wonderful the work she has done is. I look forward to listening to her music.

David B. Plummer comments: Genie seems to be a delightful and tenacious Christian lady. Genie’s website is good. I run a national chaplain-credentialing organization (for military and civilian chaplains and professional pastoral counselors), in addition to serving as full-tim...

Michael pfs Miller comments: (I usually cover traditional and ethnic releases) but Wildflowers is a well made recording and Genie is a talented singer. I sent the CD to the Program Commitee of the Phila. Folk Festival for their consideration. Their lineups are eclectic.

Robbie Kondor comments: I downloaded an MP3 sample from Genie’s website and it is lovely.

Ray Grundy comments: I am just listening to Wildflowers now as I am writing a few e:mails. It is very relaxing. It isn't country, but I will try and do something (about Wildflowers) on the website.

Janie Gausmann comments: I love (this) song!   We would love to have Troy and Genie come to our church sometime!

Chris Palmer comments: I listened to a couple (of songs) and they were very nice. I'll certainly consider the album.

Walter Bryant comments: Genie’s music sounds very nice.

Trevar Langlands comments: I have been playing the Wildflowers CD on the air

Undying Love
Hi Fi Mp3__
real audio sample__
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

HIFI MP3 w/msg__
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

Full Mix - Hi Quality__
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

Quiet Place (Secret Garden
HI FI Mp3__
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

I'll Always Love You
You Steal My Heart Away (n
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

I Love You More Than Life
flash demo__
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

Streams In the Desert
Life's Winding Road
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

Sailing Angel
lo-fi 2 minute sample__

Trees (poem, spoken)





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