Scripture Rock Vol.2

Scripture Rock Vol.2

Included on the Complete Works DVD with bonus-tracks and lyrics-on-screen.

More Rocking Scripture Memory songs from Scripture Rock Creators Troy&Genie Nilsson!
Tons of famous treasured scriptures - quoted faithfully, verbatim, in context... irresistable songs in a variety of fun rock styles for all ages. Features band members from D.C. Talk, Stephen Curtis Chapman, & Michael W. Smith.

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Noah Webster comments: ...The Scriptures...furnish the best principles of civil liberty, and the most effectual support of republican government." (The Federalist)

Bruce Williams comments: Thank you for doing such great work. The kids I work with at the Marrieta, GA Salvation Army love your songs!

Jill O'Connor comments: I love your music!!! Funny how music really helps put scripture into your head...FINALLY someone (you) have done something wonderful about it for kids!!! I write for a small Sunday school curriculum company and we recommend your music, especially from Scr...

Mike Michael T Edmunds comments: yet another masterful work of educational art from Troy and Genie...

Aileen Khoo comments: The kids enjoyed the songs at Vacation Church Camp. We will have a repeat of it this year in August.

Anna Clarke comments: Thank you for your wonderful music! My children listen to it in the car and I use it all the time in my Sunday School class. Even my 18 mo. old walks around singing "Do to others..."

Katherine R. Stary comments: My students are really having a ball with the Scripture Rock songs. They're singing them all the time.

Beth Lile comments: Hey, Thanks so much for the great web site. I wanted to incorporate some of your Scripture Rock into our VBS this summer. We are using a live band so I was looking all over the internet and at our local Christian book store for sheet music for 3 of your s...

Faith Tabernacle comments: Kids need for great music that is not babyish but upbeat. Troy&Genie songs are great!

Anne MacLean comments: This music is so good and a great way to empower our kids with the Word of God that I think Troy and Genie should write and release a Scripture Rock CD every 3 months. They could have parents sign up for the Scripture Rock Club - become "Scripture Rocker...

Ruth Froese comments: The other song from you that we did was Lord’s Prayer Rock, ...I hope we’ll keep working on that song during AWANA’s cause it’s so much fun. One night of camp, singing it with just drums. everybody cheered like crazy.   So, ...

Erin McKean comments: Hi, I'm 19 and help run kids club and Sunday School at my church (in Australia) I was introduced to Scripture Rock 1 & 2 & Hip Hop Hymns by another youth worker and I love them! I listen to them myself and use the songs in my classes.

Amy Ose comments: I love your music! Accompaniment tracks of your music [are] great... in our small congregation it's hard to recreate a real rock band! Sang your music with a praise band for our bible school in Overland, Kansas.

Lynn R Thornton comments: Thanks for giving to the Lord the way that you do and use the gifts He has given you for HIS GLORY. Your songs have been and will continue to be a blessing to our whole family! We hope there will be a Scripture Rock part 2 in the future, (we just lov...

Mark Zeek comments: I love using Genie&Troy’s music in Junior church, AWANA, and Sunday School Classes.

Kitty Sweitzer comments: I have been listening to Troy and Genie’s songs for the past month and am truly blessed to hear their music in my ears! I am directing our VBS program this summer and one of our kid's favorite sessions is music. The music is always upbeat, popular, ...

Simon Jessup comments: Troy & Genie’s music has done wonderfully things down hear in Australia - we constantly hear that even non-christian kids go home to their families with John 3:16 (and other songs) in their heads - fantastic.

Lynn R Thornton comments: Your songs have been and will continue to be a blessing to our whole family! We hope there will be a Scripture Rock part 2 in the future, (we just love the first one!!!)

Jan Lee Johnson comments: I wanted you and Troy to know that our children's choir loves your songs! Your ministry has blessed many.

The Lord's Prayer Rock
full mix__

final full mix .rm__

Be Strong And Courageous
Srock 2 mini-medley hifi- (Strong/saved/name)__

The Plans I Have for You
He Saved Us (Titus 3:5a)
Music Only lo-Fi mp3__

On Wings Like Eagles
Do Unto Others
Lo fi quick loading mp3__

Everybody In the House (W
Create In Me
Rock The Word Boogie
Jesus Wept


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