Scripture ROCK 1

Scripture ROCK 1

Are your children getting enough scripture? Scripture Rock is the way to make it happen.

'Scripture Rock is the fastest, easiest, most fun, and least expensive way to give the rich rewards of knowing the Bible by heart to your family.'

Nominated for a Nashville Music Award & Dove Award. †
Includes Split Tracks (CD has 20 tracks).

Scripture Rock is 50 famous treasured scriptures (including chapter and verse), irresistable songs in a variety of fun rock styles for all ages, played with passion by real, world-famous live band members from D.C. Talk, Stephen Curtis Chapman, & Michael W. Smith.

"these words shall be in your heart. Teach them diligently to your children, talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up." (Deuteronomy 6:6,7)

Lyrics: Japanese | Chinese | Spanish

Brent Weber comments: Hands down, 'Scripture Rock' is the best disc out for kids!!! Very well done! I am very familiar w/ Scripture Rock. I also have a Team of 5/6th graders that meet weekly and we use many of the songs. The hits are: John 3:15, Go!, In the Beginning, and T...

Kenny Conley comments: Incredible job; I listened to the demo - by the first two songs I knew that it was exactly what I wanted. Cheesy childrens stuff really annoys me- The market is dominated by it. I can honestly say that Scripture Rock was the first children's stuff tha...

John Massicotte comments: Troy&Genie’s Music is the finest kid's music I have encountered in the 15 years I have been a children's minister. The anointing is evident, the kid's love it. The technical quality is top notch! I am really impressed. Kids just start singing the ...

Dave Elshaug comments: Our congregation purchased 200 copies of Scripture Rock to give away to the kids... We told the kids that they would get their own CD if they came on Sunday. We doubled our average attendance! Half of them were unchurched! These kids are now Cranking S...

Krista Coyan comments: I am desperate for more (Troy&Genie) cd's!! My kids can't get enough!! I need 10 Scripture Rock and 20 Worship Rock 1.

Lee Truax comments: Product Rating:  5 out of 5   "Awesome!!! Well, I'm 21 years old so I guess I'm not technically a kid anymore, but I really love this Cd. This has been the greatest tool I have ever found in regards to memorizin...

Tim McGrath comments: Troy&Genie’s music is AWESOME. It will fit right in with what I am doing in my Kid’s Church. I have thrown out all of our flannelgraph, overheads, and chalk boards. We are totally multimedia with data projection, dvd, computers, etc. - highl...

Kerrie comments: During our VBS last year one of the children let me borrow a tape called "Scripture rock" - they’re songs that incorporate scripture. At first I thought that it would be too hard for them to learn, but you would be surprised at how fast these young...

Caroline Bucks comments: I am the children's music person at East Lake Community Church (a 400 person seeker non-denominational church in Carolina). Last summer someone brought me a copy of "Scripture Rock" to listen to, and I cannot tell you the impact that that one CD had on ...

Joanne Chipps comments: It truly did work! My children know the creation story by heart. Also Prov 3:5&6, Matt. 28:19-20 (we also used that with the 20 children at church as part of our missions program and they were able to memorize it too!), and Phil 4:13 - which always mak...

Michelle Gold comments: I am 27 years old and Scripture Rock is one of my favorite CD's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not that I never grew's just that Jesus said to be like a child so I figured I would stay one! LOL All kidding aside, this BY FAR is THE most am...

Melody Imbeau comments: I just wanted to write and thank you for the tape Scripture Rock. Several months ago my sister and I began an outreach to some of the worst Teens in the city... they have all been in court at least once. We started playing Scripture Rock as we picked th...

Tony & Shelley Exler comments: Your songs are GREAT! (coming from someone who's always looking for great kids stuff and most often quite disappointed!) Keep using your gifts for our Lord!!!!

Kim Sedergren comments: My three young boys and I just love ScritureRock. What better way to learn God's word? I have bought 7 cd's and shared them w/ teachers, youth ministers and friends.The songs are such a blessing. I find myself humming the songs throughout the day. I als...

Billy Graham Training Center comments: "I am convinced that one of the greatest things we can do is to memorize Scripture." Billy Graham

Mitzi Hamon comments: I can't tell you how much I myself have enjoyed your Scripture Rock CD, and also Hip Hop Hymns. Not only have I enjoyed them, but I teach Jr. Church and the kids LOVE them. What a joy it is to be able to bring the word of God to these kids through your ...

Ken Carder comments: We love Troy&Genie’smusic, especially Scripture Rock. The kid's choir I lead just performed "He Is The Rock" in our worship services. The group and the song were such a hit we are scheduled to perform in all five of our worship services in two weeks...

Sara Mitchell comments: Just wanted to say thanks for all you do for Children's kids all love your music and we "rock out" to it every Sunday morning...May God continue to bless your ministry and your marriage!

Anne MacLean comments: My wife and I have 2 boys aged 8 & 9. We love Scripture Rock and have just ordered Scripture Rock 2. This stuff is awesome!!!!!!!!! The music is excellent and the words are, well, they are The Word - you can't get much better than that.

Naomi Gorton comments: Troy &Genie’s song John 3:16 is being used at all my Christmas service and religious classes at the moment, the children love it! I was speaking to my mother today and she said that she had taught John 3:16 to all her scripture kids, and at her sch...

Denise Parker comments: I recently purchased Scripture Rock and was shocked to find out you were the ones responsible for this project! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My kids (and I) LOVE it! I will be phoning in an order for Complete Works...

Judy M. Taylor comments: I have one of the Scripture Rock cd’s and just ordered more copies for my grandchildren. My 8 year old granddaughter just loves this cd and if it gets her to learn bible verses then that is well worth the $ and the wait. Thanks for the wonderful w...

Colin Maddix comments: Troy and Genie’s are still the only music CDs we carry as we focus on almost 1000 Bible Software and Printed Bible products. Our "retirement" business has really taken off and is providing a nice income for us and our youngest son and his new wife.T...

Linda W. Brown comments: I am always on the hunt for great worship music suitable for kids. Believe me, I search everywhere. The problem is that a lot of the stuff is too childish for what the kids want. That is why Scripture Rock is so AWESOME! The music is not babyish. kids...

Jeff B Skinner comments: The kids love scripture rock. I like it too. Its not the same old cheezy VBS stuff. It's good worship rock that sticks to the scripture and has a great sound that the kids love.

Sharon B Webb comments: I catch myself singing Scripture Rock all the time. I used to not be interested in learning scripture at all I thought it was too hard to remember. Thanks A bunch. Your ministry is wonderful.

Brent Weber comments: Hands down, 'Scripture Rock' is the best disc out for kids!!! I play the Children's Music with a band and for a camp for about 6 years now and I love every minute of Scripture Rock'. Even musicians (the hardest to even think about pleasing) consider S...

Anonymous Superfan comments: During our VBS last year a child let me borrow a tape called "Scripture rock" they're are songs that incorporate scripture. At first I thought it would be too hard for them to learn, but you would be surprised at how fast these youngsters pick up. My choi...

Jade Sholty comments: All the music has been so wonderful, my kids jump and run and dance all over the house when we turn it on. My credit card info is below. Please send two "Scripture Rock" Tapes

Matt Rose comments: I wish you could have seen our 7, 6 and 3 year old singing FEAR NOT! and God is the Rock the other day. They were shouting at the top of their lungs. Thanks for that great recording for children. Our oldest Ashley (7) listens to Scripture Rock all the tim...

Jade Sholty comments: We were listening to the "Scripture Rock" again last night. It is so wonderful. We were dancing and singing and running all around together. They were laughing and singing. Michelle especially loves every song. She kept saying, "one more, one more." ...

Sean Nicholson comments: My wife gave our grand-daughter a Scripture Rock tape at Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She plays it over and over again. Thanks!!!

Tami Webb comments: Has Scripture Rock 2 come out yet? I can't wait! My kids love the first one so much and God's Top 10 was so wonderful with our unit on the 10 Commandments!!!!

Sam Moreton comments: "He Saved Us" caught my ear as a great kids song.

Deborah Titus comments: Your children's music is wonderful! And I feel it is just what I need to reach the children in our Sunday School program. We are a small church and have just started a bus ministry, which has brought in many children that have never attended church befo...

Holli Farr comments: Again I want to thank you for the music you have put in our home. My children have learned more scripture because of you (and so have I). God bless you!

Nick Hood comments: I am a Camp Director for Summit Educational Camps, a division of the Crusader Union of Australia. We are a non – profit Christian youth organisation based in Sydney – Australia, who run school and holiday camps throughout the year seeking to s...

Sydney Phillips comments: I LOVE the Scripture Rock CD - I just discovered it, and am using 3 of the songs for my four year old preschoolers - they love them, too! You've covered my favorite scriptures. I randomly picked up the Scripture Rock 1 CD at the Family Christian Bookstor...

Celia Ford comments: John 3: 16 - we love it! We are doing a Holiday Bible Club for 4 to 11 year olds, we have a music group of young people (guitar, drums) who would so much like to play John 3: 16 for the kids. The kids are learning John 3:16 as their memory verse.

Anonymous Superfan comments: We base our lessons around Scripture Rock. I love Whisper and Hip Hop Hymns The kids wind up singing along. I play Troy & Genie’s tapes almost every day.

Mitzi Hamon comments: I can't tell you how much I myself have enjoyed Scripture Rock, and Hip Hop Hymns. Not only have I enjoyed them, but the kids LOVE them. What a joy it is to be able to bring the word of God to these kids through your music. It has made all the differen...

Mike May comments: My All Time Favorites List : 1)Trust in the Lord , 2) John 3:16...

Hanna Bylund comments: I have the SCRIPTURE ROCK CD here in Sweden- it's great!

Darrell Sarmento comments: All the songs are first rate. Our musicians are playing John 3:16 from Scripture Rock in our Power House Children's Church and they LOVE IT.

Tim Knight comments: My kids especially love "John 3:16," "Go," "Trust In the Lord," and everything from Scripture Rock.

Linda W. Brown comments: Incredible! I am always on the hunt for great worship music suitable for kids. Believe me, I search everywhere. The problem is that a lot of the stuff that is out there that is marketed toward kids is too childish for what the kids want. That is why Sc...

Holly Bailey comments: I love the Scripture Rock CD and so do my kids at church! I would buy a personal copy for myself.

Kalene Hankins comments: I used Scripture Rock last year at a Pastor's Conference and the kids went wild. It keeps kids attention. My experience is that most kids want something that "doesn't sound babyish" and that is very, very fun and exciting. Anything Troy&Genie do is go...

Roger Mcelroy comments: We have enjoyed your music so much. We used Scripture Rock music this summer for VBS and it was a real hit. Our worship team put together motions and the children really loved it. Our staff all agreed one of the reasons for our success was the music. We...

Nikky (Niurka) Arce comments: it's a joy to see such a wonderful CD in Spanish. This is my #1 recommendation when I speak to Children's Church workers.

Kevin Burger comments: I don't remember whether I told you how thankful we were for your Scripture Rock CD. All 4 of our children absolutely LOVE it and know every word of every song. On top of that we used the songs from it last summer as we hosted and directed our first VBS...

Daniel (in NC ) Nelson comments: Thanks for getting us the Scripture Rock tapes. The needy kids that we helped of this Christmas really enjoyed getting some music. We also gave each of them a Walkman cassette player, school supplies, and a few other things.


Stuart Stuart comments: I have recently bought The Scripture Rock CD. This is great for our 'Kids Life' programme. This is great music. If you know of other Christian music like this for young people i would love to get it.

Lori Dunleavy comments: A student of mine had one of your CD's and it's taken me a while to find, we now homeschool and your music is so wonderful! My kids adore John 3:16, because of that CD my 3 year old knows more verses than a lot of adults.

Jettie Buttermore comments: Your combination of fun music and Scripture is excellent and we'd love our kids and their parents to be exposed to your music.

Cheryl Thacker comments: Wonderful CD! We have been practicing for our Kindergarten graduation!  We are having a great time with the music and are sure our parents are going to love the program!  Thank You!

Sarah Hislden comments: We have a copy of your Scripture Rock 1 CD and use some of the sheet music from your website for our Kids Church Band to play on a sunday and during our kids camp. Thank you very much for providing such an valuable resource! We use your CD in our weekly S...

Ruth Froese comments: We also did John 3:16 and it really caught on with only one chance to practice it! So we just did it live and it really caught on. I heard it being sung in the hallways throughout the camp. 

Robert Loo comments: Your music shows the quality, fun music for childrens worship available today

Kenny Celestin comments: My kids LOVE "Peace like a River" and "The Greatest Commandment". We do sign language as we sing it. I've bought all of your tapes and cd's and I use excerpts from the Bible Break video every Sunday to review the old and new testament books of the bi...

Cindy Hunnicutt comments: "Fear Not" is so timely with the prevalence of "scary" things in the news and talked about at school. What a great way to reinforce teaching about God's protection, provision and love.

Glen Shannon Mccarty comments: We really enjoy the Scripture Rock CD. The kids love Phil. 4:13. They yell it out!!!

SuperMom comments: I would like to use the Scripture Rock CD with my children's choir. How much can I get copies for everyone for? I know it is unlawful to reproduce them myself, so is there a listening track that you sell, so they can take it home and listen to get prepa...

Laney Chitwood comments: Your cassette helped me to teach my kids a few verses AND that God's word is alive & fun. I ordered a few CD's from ya'll last night. Thank you so much for your ministry. ps. I couldn't find my cassetee so I downloded the sample of Go!. My SS class will...

Chara Sype comments: Thank you for your wonderful music! I am a new music teacher in Wisconsin and I am very excited about singing songs on "Scripture Rock" with my choir (using the) sheet music for my kids to look at... and to help me teach- thank you very much!

Mark Secrist comments: Our Kid's Worship leaders fell in love with the music. The kids really enjoy this type of worship . I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your Scripture Rock album and Praise Jam. I am writing this as I am listening to my 8 year old son sing him...

David Smith comments: I love them all. Good up to date music for children's worship is hard to find, but badly needed. Appreciate your ministry!! "GO!!"

Cindy Hunnicutt comments: I got the Scripture Rock video and we showed Fear Not to the kids in church today. They were singing along and loving it! Thanks so much for sending it


Karen Moran comments: GENIE: I had mentioned to you that I believe that the Lord will give us our own song for The Light Club. Perhaps it might even be through you. Our club scripture is "You are the light of the world" from Mat. 5:14 Scriptures on my heart are Mat. 5:14...

Tasos Ioannidis comments: My five year old is enjoying Scripture Rock and Bible Break very much.

Marty Michelson comments: I love Scripture Rock -great work.

Mark Olson comments: all the songs on SCRIPTURE ROCK should be performed in other languages. I believe that Spanish and Chinese would be the most profitable. However, I personally would like to see it done in Italian

Vanessa Harvey comments: I'm a student at Dallas Theological Seminary and am pursuing a Christian Education degree. I am also an children's ministry intern at Central Christian Church and SouthEast Asian Presbyterian Church (A Pakistani church) in Dallas and our kids truly enjoy ...

Anthony Barkhuizen comments: We are just about to play Scripture Rock during KPZ at 16:00. we also just received Christmas Animals from the folk at mfm (Music for Missionaries) - too late for Christmas though so will keep for later this year. . we do appreciate it.

John 3:16
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I Can Do All Things
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Greatest Commandments
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God Is Love
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He Is The Rock!
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In The Beginning
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All Things Work Together (
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Trust In The Lord
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Scripture Rock Highight Me
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