Sacred Sky CD - special order

Sacred Sky CD - special order

Included free on the Complete Works DVD with video and extras.

Ambient Melodies, Intriguing Settings

Beautiful creations reminiscent of Enya, Enigma, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel, film scores, Pink Floyd... Socially relevant, created to inspire and reflect upon.

'Sacred Sky' refers to the Third Heaven (2Cor. 12:2) (past Earth's atmosphere, beyond outer space)- the abode of God. (Greek-'Ouranos', Hebrew: 'Samayim')

Greg Loveria comments: Wow. Oh wow. I urge you to listen to “When All The LIght Has Gone” from Sacred Sky This is a wonderful, moving and enchanting musical journey that swells between an 'Art of Noise' new age tune to one that rocks almost like a classic, well, ro...

Music Review comments: Sacred Sky is an utterly mind-blowing odyssey into the bottomless well of Troy Nilsson’s shimmering musical, poetic, theological, historical, philosophical vision. The only thing cooler is the DVD, where you get to see Troy’s brilliant moving ...

Anonymous Superfan comments: I'm a big fan of concept music - like Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Tori Amos, Dream theater, Pink floyd. Besides Bjork, there's not much deep, interesting music for me out there being made today. Sacred Sky is what I've been hunting for.

John Birchenall comments: Genie is beautiful - One of the first love gifts from my husband (John) was Genie’s Sacred Sky CD . Since then I've been blessed over and over with the beautiful presence Genie’s voice brings . During our quiet time , the Lord will say to me...

Girts Balodis comments: For lack of a better word - WOW... There's much to love about your music. Genie's mesmerizing vocals remind me of Maire Brennan. The lyrics are both the "feeling person's" and "thinking person's" lyrics... I spent the entire evening enjoying the cover...

Hawking's Song
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When All The Light Has Gon
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Sacred Sky
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Put Angels Around Us Amen
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In A Child's Eyes
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Yes, Love
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Color And Light
Yahweh (pots and Pans) (Ya
Throw Hands
Earth Maker
We Will Dance
Creation Song
Great Expectations
When I Am Gone


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