Hiroshima Stones Paperback (6x9 Illustrated)

Hiroshima Stones Paperback (6x9 Illustrated)

Here are two things they didn't tell you about the morning of August 6,1945:
The flash was so bright that you can still see shadows of people's bodies on buildings and stones.
It was an especially important day for one beautiful young woman. In the rock garden beneath the blue sky, she stood trembling for a totally different reason:
It was her wedding day. I was her husband.

Tom Hanks comments: "You can paint over the shadows, but you cannot erase them."

Robert Roberg comments: “One of the greatest anti-war stories of the century...” Robert Roberg - University of Florida Educational Media Center

Ailsa robertson comments: Hiroshima Stones is the story of one man’s fight for peace, with a little help from a few friends. It grabs your attention from the start and doesn’t let go, even after the last page has been turned. Told in a series of about betrayal, love an...

Mike Rimmer comments: I've just finished reading Shadow Stones. I really loved it. On one level I loved it because it works artistically as a story and creatively in the way Troy tells it and draws the audience into it. I can't wait for them to make the film. I liked it as we...

ROBIN URTON comments: Riveting!

Lori R comments: “Hiroshima Stones is breathtaking! Truly amazing. I was very moved and interested in the effects of war on the people who experienced it. ... the nuclear bombs and the results of our using them.... the human cost of war and nuclear development. ... ...

United Methodist Publishing House comments: "I found Hiroshima Stones very sad, but very beautiful too. The imagery is so well described that you can feel the pain, sorrow, love, and commitment of Klaus and Yumiko, and the emotions of all the characters. The story is so touching and intense that yo...

The Recording Website comments: I enjoyed the Hiroshima Stones story. I knew about the shadows on the stones. My Mom told me; she was a nurse in W.W.II and was in Hiroshima 2 weeks after the bomb was dropped. - Dan Monk- The Recording Website

Jen Thomas- Editor comments: "Great theme, good story line, I really like the art that begins each chapter, really cool and carefully chosen quotes, great job, there are so many things that are really cool about this book- It's great." - Jen Thomas- Editor

FutureFiction.com comments: “I found Hiroshima Stones interesting... It is important to put a human face on tragedies such as this, especially as our capacity for long-range mass destruction grows.” Diane M. Coyle, VP, Marketing and Editorial - FutureFiction.com

World Peace Temple comments: "Hiroshima Stones". What a fantastic subject, indeed aimed well at this time in America's history when we have faced and are facing the issues of war, violence, and racial discrimination on newer levels. H.H. Rev. Ptahmassu K.M. Nofra-Uaa Founder/Sp...

Gord Bell comments: I am incredibly curious and interested. Being a perpetual student of ethical communication, especially when it comes to Christians in the arts (and the way we communicate with each other within the Body), what I'm reading on Troy’s site is trul...

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