Hip Hop Hymns

Hip Hop Hymns

Even Grandparents get into the delicious hip grooves that get kids jumping and shouting 'It's So Sweet!' to sing hymns!

Hip Hop Hymns is the fastest, most exciting, least expensive, and easiest way to give your family the priceless gift of knowing the truly greatest worship songs ever written- the hymns.

All generations love these songs.

Jody Harding comments: Hip Hop Hymns is my favorite CD !! I think it's just fantastic !! We use it at outreaches and even for worship in our class. The kids love it !! I am a childrens church leader and always on the lookout for new, creative Christian childrens music. Pleas...

Keyboard Magazine comments: “Genie and husband Troy have numerous CDs and videos out for adults and kids including my favorite, the funky Christian kids album Hip Hop Hymns.” -November Issue of Keyboard Magazine

Jeff Bjorgan comments: I know that when it comes to top quality children's music, there isn't a lot out there once you get past the Troy and Genie label. I would definitely go for: JESUS LOVES ME from HIP HOP HYMNS , KING OF THE JUNGLE, DON'T BOW DOWN TO IDOLS. (I am biased tow...

Nancy P Donnelly-Ivy comments: Thanks for the product. I've been a children's choir director for about 4 years. When my kids first sang "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" and "It's so sweet", many of the more conservative members of the church criticized me for having Rap music in the...

Margie Flowers comments: Hip Hop Hymnal is fantastic. Even the older people in the congregation enjoyed seeing these old hymns being song with love and spirit- Such great music that it can energize our children to want to Praise God with all their heart!! We are now teaching S...

Chuck Russ comments: We use the Hip Hop Hymns album all the time. And "King of the Jungle" also.

Jody Harding comments: Hip Hop Hymns is my favorite CD !! It's just fantastic !! We use it at outreaches and even for worship in our class. The kids love it !!

Bruce Bennett comments: I have been using your hip hop hymns in our church and school. Our kids love it.

Kathy Eunye Kim comments: I have just ordered 75 Hip hop and is not able to pay it in full. Our church is very small and we are having financial difficulties. However, I have this CD and I just love it. I love hymns and they are arranged in todays music. It was a great idea. ...

Suzanne Rowland comments: I choreographed 2 dances for 14 girls in our youth program using 2 songs from your HIp HOP Hymns CD. The kids and the congregation loved it. As did I. Keep up your great music!

Jennifer Mkrtchyan comments: Our kids love singing all the songs on your "Hip Hop Hymns" cd. They especially love singing "It's So Sweet". Our pastor heard his kids singing the rap, around the house and wants our children's choir to sing it live in church. He is preaching a...

Matthew Laney comments: I especially love the songs from Hip Hop Hymns

Frank Steidl comments: After several days of immersing myself in your music, I was continually reminded of God's faithfulness in His Word and in the fellowship of those who serve Him. I know many others have caught that infectious joy for spreading the Good News through Troy an...

Robert Tickell comments: During "Cell Group", I played Amazing Grace for the children (known to be one of their favorite songs), only to find out we've played it so much it's wearing out! Josiah, our 3 year old, still calls it "Number 9" and pulls out the drums sticks along w...

Danny Liuson comments: I have Hip Hop Hymns and would love to get some more Troy&Genie albums. They're great.

Adele Thomas comments: Thank you for the wonderful CD’s and tapes that you have sent me, which I ordered off the internet. The children love them and it has drawn them to come to club ( word of life olympian Club) and worship through some very beautiful and cool music. H...

Mark Elliott comments: Our favorites of all music would be King of the Jungle, Amazing Grace, Joyful Joyful, and Jesus Loves Me.

Amazing Grace
Free Songbook (Hip Hop Hymns)__

Jesus Loves Me Hip Hop
It's So Sweet ('tis So Swe
Power In The Blood
Count Your Blessings
Nothing But The Blood
All Hail The Power Of Yesu
Leaning On The Everlasting
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore T
Victory In Yesu (Jesus)
Since Yesu (Jesus) Came In
Oh, How I Love Yesu (Jesus
Hip Hop Hymns Highlight Me
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