The King’s Animals (SUPER CD)

The King’s Animals (SUPER CD)

(Formerly titled “The Christmas Animals”)

The Christmas story through the eyes of the Animals.
'Everyone's welcome because God loves you!' (even the pig & prideful Lion!).
A delightful musical experience of humor and heartwarming reverence!

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The NEW SUPER CD contains dialog, split tracks, and stereo music-only tracks (retail value $105.)
If you are performing the play you may order additional CD's or DVD's for all of your performers for the mere cost of shipping and handling.

Everything you need is also included free on the 'Complete Works DVD': The DVD also has the lyrics onscreen, which is very helpful for rehearsals.

Marinela Stefan comments: I am from Romania and I’m teacher at a christian kindergarden in our little mountain town named Petrosani. In my class are kids 5-6 years old! At the begining of this month, december, I was looking for a interesting christmas play, here on net. Sudd...

Vicky Vicky comments: How wonderful time we had w/homeschoolers preparing Christmas Animals. Thank you so much for this play, it has a powerful message about what is Christmas about. Gob Bless You. This year I am preparing with the new kids again this play, and at the same tim...

Nikky Arce comments: I have to tell you how much I loved the Christmas Animals play! Compared to everything else that is out there in Children's Music, the quality and functionality is amazing!!!! Like everything else Troy&Genie have done, this is great!!!

Jennifer Puukila comments: We performed Christmas Animals 4x! What a hit!!! They LOVED it....! I have a tape, I should send you a copy! Thank you for working so hard and for your ministry!

Rebecca L Fitch comments: The Christmas Animals Program was great. The children at my church had so much fun learning it and sharing it with their friends and family members. You should have seen it! It was wonderful!

Nikky (Niurka) Arce comments: The best thing is that Christmas Animals is simple for even the small church to use, and the lines & songs are great for kids to learn fast. The whole "animal idea" has a new twist. It was funny, and the story content was wonderful. I would love to do it...

Louise Doyle comments: 'The Christmas Animals' we all feel is absolutely brilliant. We will definitely produce it for Christmas. It is a tremendous cd and we all love it.

Bob Reid comments: We've used "Christmas Animals" with the Puppet Team 5 times this year. Goes well whether for Senior Citizens, Pre-schoolers, IHC residents, school classes or family groupings.

Beverly Driscoll comments: We just performed the Christmas Animals at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in San Diego, night before last. The kids had a blast doing the play and the congregation really enjoyed the songs and dialog. (My sister, she ordered the mass order of CD's for the k...

Shelley Mullins comments: We are working on the Christmas Animals and are having a BLAST!! Yesterday during practice I got the brainstorm idea to do something fun with the King's Limousine. We're having our donkey dress kind of cool, sunglasses, leather jacket, etc. Anyway, I ...

Judy Davis comments: We did this at our church at christmas and it was awesome! anyone who needs cheap costume ideas can and I have lots of pictures. This was one of the sweetest children’s programs I ha...

David Hadley comments: I love Christmas Animals! What a wonderful blend of traditional and contemporary!

Liz Baker comments: I was so excited to receive the "Christmas Animals! My own children listened to the CD and just LOVED it! They’re having a hard time deciding which animal they would like to be. I can't wait to share it with my church kids. I would like to purcha...

Mark Olson comments: We have several disabled children and many under privileged children in this play. And you have made it so easy for us to have a great play. We just wanted to thank you.

Mark Olson comments: I would like for your clients to know that this play is excellent. We are privileged to work with children from various backgrounds, many handicapped. We have children of very poor families, learning disabled, ADD, HADD, hearing impaired, retarded, w...

Geoff R Charles comments: Our youth performed the Christmas Animal's twice and touched many lives...thanks for being available to God for some refreshing music and ministry.

Jim Underwood comments: I think the entire concept is wonderful. We are going to perform the play as our 2005 Childrens Christmas Production at Orchard Road Christian Center in Greenwood Village, CO. on December 18th. We are going to have a choir of children(about 45-50) dress...

Jim Underwood comments: .We will definitely make you a video of the production. We are using this play as an outreach to some of the retirement homes in the area. I have found that kids don't just want to do a cute Christmas play. They want to minister. We had 51 kids auditi...

Amy Vogler comments: I saw the play and thought it was wonderful so I purchased it. Everyone at church loves it and cannot wait for my show. Our Church is going to put on the play at Christmas time.

Emily Cullen comments: I must confess that it is such a good musical for Children. Right now we are learning two songs from your Christmas Album for our Christmas presentation. I want to thank you for sending your CD to us. Am so grateful and the children are happy to have such...

Delores Smith comments: Dear Friends, We at Bethel United Methodist Church In Knoxville, Georgia, Performed your Christmas Animals program last year as a puppet show. Our Teens handled the puppets behind a screen that went across the front of the church. Our adult choir performe...

Betty Hoyt comments: I purchased the complete works DVD and Cd of Christmas Animals. The students in our primary (k-2nd grade) Christian School, Guiding Light, are going to perform the musical for their Christmas Program this year. The kids got excited from day one. They love...

Mark Olson comments: I am very impressed with the Christmas Animals. We will be using it for this Christmas. Again I want to thank you. The majority of the music we use in our programs is from you...

Jamie Davis comments: I loved it!

Jackie Watts comments: The Jr./Sr. High youth group I work with just finished presenting "Christmas Animals". What a great play! We all enjoyed the story and especially the music. Now we want to work on songs to sing as a group for church.

Joshua Kim comments: We purchased a musical script (Animals of Christmas) (from Troy and Genie’s creative arts ministry) and we performed (it as) a Christmas musical in 2002.  I made some adjustments on script to fit our needs. We made a DVD for our own drama minis...

Bobby Crow comments: These have been great CD's. The Animals of Christmas are precious. One of our school teachers heard it and was already planning a drama with her small children using some of the songs. These have been wonderful selections and we appreciate them very mu...


Gill Brown comments: I am VERY keen to buy your Christmas Animals Listening CD. I downloaded your script and all my young people LOVE it.

Wendy Nobles comments: I have been looking for a program that our Sunday-school children could do for Christmas. We wanted to tell the story from the animals' point of view and I came across your play. I think that your play is perfect. I hope it is okay for us to use ...

Mikki Kran comments: We are smack in the middle of rehearsals for "Christmas Animals." For the first time in the history of this little town, we have combined efforts with one of the 5 Mennonite churches (we are Assembly of God, Milford, NE). We will do it twice -- once at ...

Gayle Alexander comments: Christmas Animals is wonderful, I am laughing and having such a good time listening to it, I love it! Will probably do it for Christmas 2000.

Linda W. Brown comments: You're awesome. The kids come into class asking if we can do (your) songs. We have been rehearsing like crazy. I know you guys worked hard and fast to get this out to us before our performances. Thank you! I got the CD in the mail today. Thank you so muc...

Ray Abbey comments: I just read the script for "The Christmas Animals" and LOVE it. We are going to use it. I can hardly wait.

Ray Abbey comments: I just read the script for "The Christmas Animals" and LOVE it. we are going to use it for next year. I can hardly wait. I didn't realize why I had such a love for people who I have never met but your hearts have touched me.

Paul D Martin comments: We are gearing up for The Christmas Animals. The kids love it and it's coming together very well. We'll be sure to make a video for you. Most Excellent. Thanks for all the work you're doing.

Mary Stockard comments: The animals were a big hit, especially the camels. Thanks so much for the help in making the kids part of the program successful.

Mike Royal comments: We were so blessed to receive your Christmas Animals package. we had great fun with the camel song in our beautiful country South Africa.

Hilda Rivera comments: The kids still remember the Christmas play and often ask me when we're going have another play.

Norma Varnell comments: I loved the concept of Christmas Animals and thought it really had a great way of reaching the lost with humor!

Amy Vogler comments: The play is adorable.... I purchased the Christmas Animals cd and our children's ministry council is interested in putting on this play. Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Weiblen comments: Lovely Lane United Methodist Church will be performing this wonderful pageant December 17, 2006! We'd love you to join us.

Shevana Singh comments: I have access to the internet at work and I am happy to write reviews and to share this with other Sunday School Teachers. This would be great because the Christian and other Music retailers don’t stock your music in Durban, South Africa. I am a Sun...

Amanda Olson comments: The Christmas Animals CD is AWESOME! It's so cute!

Arthur Preston comments: “The Christmas Animals” looks and sounds fantastic.

Nancy Lamar comments: You do great, fun stuff and I really appreciate the way you keep your prices down and are available for input. Keep up the good work. Hey, I want you to know that I got your musical and I would like to use the entire thing with our puppet team next Chri...

Kathy Gross comments: I like this project because it is adaptable. You can add animals by separating lines and keeping them simple. You can also delete characters if necessary. This makes it easy to tailor to anyone's needs. We have begun using the CD for our Christmas Prog...

Music Missions comments: We have been (and are) sincerely appreciative of your willingness to use "God’'s Top 10" and "Christmas Animals" to send to all the "workers serving overseas.

Heather Cohen comments: Well I really love the Christmas Animlas Play. It is very nice. My class will be performing the play next sunday in our evening service. I am really excited. Hope all is well there. Love in Christ

Cathy Wong comments: Great stuff.

Silent Night (1999)
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Joy to the World
Joy to the World ( Christm
Christmas Animals Highlights mp3 hi fi__
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O Come All Ye Faithful
Animals Of Christmas Theme
Christmas Animals OPENING
The King's Limousine
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We Three Camels
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flash video preview__

Lion Song Intro Dialog
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Pig Song intro Dialog
The Outcast's Song (PIG SO
flash video preview__

Is There Anyone Out There?
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Angels we have heard on Hi
Flash video preview__

O Come All Ye Animals intr
O' Come All Ye Animals
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Silent night intro Dialog
Silent Night
Greatest Christmas Intro D
Greatest Christmas
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Ending Dialog


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