Books Of The Bible Cass + CD pack

Books Of The Bible Cass + CD pack

CD + AudioCassette pack available exclusively here!

Also, a special version with singalong-video is available on the Complete Works DVD (highly recommended).

Your whole family will learn the books of the Bible in minutes - and it’s fun!

Watch your friends' jaws drop when they hear your children singing every book from Genesis to Revelation.

The “Books of the Bible” songs are the best, fastest, most exciting, least expensive, and easiest way to give your family the priceless gift of knowing The Books Of the Bible by heart.

The children (and their parents!) will know the Books, then dig in and find help in the greatest book ever written - the Bible!

Lisa Kingery comments: “Books Of The Bible*” is awesome and fun! With help from this song my son was able to recite the Books of the Bible in front of our church. ... really fun songs... (*Formerly titled: “Bible Break”)

Leann Allen comments: I have been looking for a cool and easy way to teach my kids at church the books of the bible, this has saved me!!

Stewart R Bruner comments: Wow, this stuff really works! My daughter Ivy memorized your Old & New Testament Books songs and passed 4 sections in Sparks in just one week. She just heard the song in her head and recited the books in order. Keep it up!

Todd Wallinger comments: Bible Break is great! I use it to teach my fourth-grade Sunday School kids the books of the NT. They love it, and it makes it so much easier to memorize the books. Thanks!

Connie v Johnson comments: Hi Genie! Thanks for helping us get the tapes - the (Asbury Spirit) kids are all ready to sing to their buddies who will be receiving their bibles in August. Now to remember all the words over the summer... hmmm... So we gave them toothbrushes and told...

Sheri Johnson comments: We've been using "God's Top Ten" and "The Books of the Bible Song" with our children.  It has motivated them to learn the Bible and have fun while doing it.  Even my three year old can memorize easily!  Because of the "Books ...

Karin Polifka comments: I have looked for a second copy of your books of the bible songs forever. I'm so excited to have found it again!

Heather Walker comments: Heard kids singing your catchy Books of Bible song and immediately loved it - finally found you online, bought one already and my kids love it, buying now for nieces and nephews.

Melanie Howe comments: We've been trying to help our Sunday School class memorize the books of the Bible for quite a while now ... I'm hoping this is just what they need to learn them once and for all! Thanks!

Karen Boenig comments: I love the music. The song is so catchy. I want to have it on a CD, preferably, or a cassette so parents can play it in the car for their children... taking the Bethel Bible class.

Dan Putnam comments: We just love the books of the bible songs! My 13 year old learned the songs when she was younger as part of a church group and now we want a copy for our 8 year old. Just playing the music is effective, but the visual DVD is great for her church group.

Laura Long comments: I just completed my order. I look forward to receiving the CD. My 16 year old daughter learned these songs when she was a small child and we wanted to have a copy to teach our children at church. It is a great way to remember the books of the Bible.

Rebecca beavers comments: One of my friends gave a copy of the songs to 3 other of my friends and then I got it. My children 5, and 3 now know the books of the bible. I plan on giving it away to my friends kids and to help my 4 year olds on Wed. night.

Todd Wallinger comments: Great tape!

Keith Ham comments: Many of the kids just about have the books of the bible learned. I handed off that part of the evening to a volunteer, and kind of wish I could get it back.

Joey Ellis comments: I am enjoying giving away what I've gotten from you. We have a lot of contests in kids church and I give away your music as some of the prizes. The kids love the music. I have parents get excited when I tell them I can teach them and help them remember...

Tasos Ioannidis comments: My five year old is enjoying Scripture Rock and Bible Break very much.

Cecelia Braithwaite comments: May God continue to bless the work of your hands. I look forward to making additional purchases.

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