The BODY! CD - Special Order

The BODY! CD - Special Order

Included free on the Complete Works DVD.

"...a great message of love and unity..."
This great children's musical Celebrates UNITY. Each character plays a body part as they learn to cooperate. A fun & timely essential biblical, concept. SONGS: Muscle Rap, Dry Bones, Have a Heart, I Forgive You, WorkTogether, Lean On Me& More.

Groundbreaking musical play for kids, youth, or whole church or school teaching the concepts of unity and teamwork.

Formerly entitled 'ChristiAnatomy'.



Rhonda Osodo comments: The awesome “Body" Musical was one of the most exciting and spiritual involvements of my life- honestly AMAZING! Because it was written well, children and parents were motivated to put forth so much effort. The audience really loved it. They la...

Mike Stahl comments: We love ChristiAnatomy . We use several songs from ChristiAnatomy on a regular basis in our children's church and in Children's Crusades that we do. ChristiAnatomy is their favorite. It is very active. We love it.

Mark Olson comments: The music and sound effects are top of the line. For music and plays with a clear message, we will always choose Troy and Genie first every time. Our Pastor, youth, and kids & All who have read it love it. It has a great message of love and unity, som...

Eileen Fisher comments: Christianatomy! I got the videotrax - it's great!. Now I need cassette tapes for 25 kids!

Bruce Cokeroft comments: I enjoyed Christianatomy.- it sure is great fun & creative work (as are all of Troy&Genie’s concepts.

Kevin Bell comments: I found everything in ChristiAnatomy quite enjoyable and definitly DO-ABLE! Kids are quite overlooked in the ministry of music and your program is awesome. I can't imagine how anyone would have any concern about it's effect and ministry potential. We...

comments: I just ordered The Body and am hoping to do it this summer. God bless you for your wonderful music and message of Jesus Christ. Thanks again.

Doug D. Sharp comments: We plan to use ChristiAnatomy with puppets in our "Body Of Christ" VBS for Summer 2000.

Raymond Almsteadt comments: We love ChristiAnatomy. It is funny and also carries a message.

Peggy Graves comments: I can’t wait for my childrens choir to perform ChristianAntatomy! I really enjoyed listening to it.

Lean On Me (Body Version)
Lean on me (Worship Rock v
Dry bones
Fire Of Unity
Sheet Music__

We Gotta Work Together
I Forgive you
Thank You
Dear God
Ya Gotta Have Guts!
We're The Body! (ChristiAn
Body Sampler Lo Fi mp3__

Muscle Rap
Have A Heart
The Battle
We're Here To Serve


Scripture Rock 1 2 3 4
Worship Rock 1 2
_Hip Hop Hymns
_Books Of The Bible
_10 Commandments
_The Body



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