God's Top 10 Commandments CD

God's Top 10 Commandments CD

'God's Top 10 is the fastest, most exciting, least expensive, and easiest way twe've ever seen to give your family the priceless gift of Knowing the 10 Commandments By Heart.'-Music Review

Only these incredibly catchy songs, written with fun, insight, and excellence as only Troy&Genie can, have the unmatched power to burn forever into precious young minds the essential 10 foundational values by which Civilization thrives. This tiny $10 CD investment will pay you limitless returns by building in your children a lifelong foundation for success, wealth, happiness, & security in their jobs, relationships, marriages, and every area of life.'
11 unforgettably great, valuable songs!

Jennifer Baxter comments: Quite a few years back I chanced upon a precious cassette titled "God's Top Ten." I popped it in the tape deck of my car and listened as I was driving to and fro. Immediately I fell in love with the very catchy songs and envisioned ways that I could use...

Dorothy L Finlay comments: I used God’s Top 10 as a missionary in the Middle East. I am now home in New Zealand and involved in I used the CD to teach the children Bible in Schools, a half hour Bible teaching class allowed for all schools in NZ and. God’s Top 10 is V...

Suzanne Ness comments: I can only write a thousand thanks for the God's Top Ten musical! It made a huge impact not only on the children but also on their parents. ...taught a life-long lesson to the children of Tampa! If your other music has the same impact, our church (and...

Mike Tripp comments: I just have to comment once again - We never get tired of listening to God's Top 10 and have shared it with other friends as well as using it for background music with our kid's club. It's an awesome way of teaching our kids and others the 10 Commandment...

NARELLE COSIER comments: God's top 10 have such catchy tunes they're kind of addictive, in a good way. I see why Paul wanted to send it to everyone.

Samira eleale? comments: I'm from Brazil. I had the pleasure and opportunity to use your material when I worked in a Evangelism project done in the schools of England some years ago. Two years ago I was delighted to receive your cd as a gift sent by a friend of mine. It's a beaut...

Kristen Bellin comments: About 11 years ago our Christian School used this for its Spring concert and the kids (now college students) STILL remember the songs! I would like to perform it again as a community outreach.

Dean Summers comments: Our production of God's Top Ten went great!!! Thanks for your creativity, my how the Lord has gifted you.

Susie Terrance Rogers comments: "God's Top 10" is a bright, bouncy title for kids, but great for everyone. THE TAPES ARRIVED YESTERDAY, AND JUST LIFTED ME UP SO VERY MUCH!

Neil E Meredith comments: Just received the CD "God's Top Ten" and would love to get 4 to 6 more copies for my grandkids. We're missionaries with MAF in Brazil.

Ellen Parker comments: I loved the God's Top 10 Cd ... WOW! I am a missionary in Mexico City and received the God´s Top 10 commandment Cd from Music for Missions. I ordered one for my great nephews and niece in Washington.

McJohn Bagley comments: We used your "God's Top 10" in our Vacation Bible School this year. Your music worked better with our curriculum than what came with this years program.

Joan Allen comments: I am a missionary in the Philippines. I have a cassette tape of "God's Top 10" and it is awesome!! I've used it in children's ministry, and also with our homeschool. I was looking for a way to get this on cd because the weather here wears tape...

Kristen Bell comments: We did God's Top Ten over the summer and had a lovely response. 12 kids sang and hid God's word in their hearts. And God blessed us by bringing about 80 people to enjoy the presentation.

Joan Allen comments: Caleb's favorite song is "Don't Bow Down to Idols" from "God's Top Ten." He goes around singing it all the time! The funny (sorta) part is that EVERYONE here is Catholic and there are statues of Mary and Jesus everywhere - even in all the stor...

Mary Ellen Kinkel comments: Our entire summer program was inspired by your songs. Sunday our kids are singing and doing motions to God's Top Ten for our Promotion Sunday program. this group (age 3 through 4th grade) have been studying the 10 commandments all summer. In fact, lot...

Dean Summers comments: Our production of God's Top Ten went great!!! Thanks for your creativity, my how the Lord has gifted you.

Manuel Vivanco comments: Our kids especially LOVE God’s Top Ten!!

Brenda Cowan comments: I live in Central Asia, Kazakhstan.  I am writing to request your permission to translate your songs on "God's Top Ten Commandments" into a local language in Central Asia. I am writing on behalf of a young lady who works with the Uighur people in CA...

Sherry Lightner comments: I found Troy and Genie’s website when I was looking for the God's Top 10 Commandments. Our church leaders have been using this particular CD with our Awana program. It is wonderful! I bought it so my four children could enjoy it at home too. Th...

Dorothy L Finlay comments: We are continuing to use your 10 commandments CD in Bible in Schools work. I gave the extra copies to other teachers and left one with a non-Christian classroom teacher who was very impressed.

Doris Little comments: I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the God's Top 10 CD. When my grandson was 4 yrs old I found this is an out of the way Christian Book store. We played it everyday for a year when I took him to pre school and home. He also listened to it ...

Sherri Lewis comments: Troy and Genie, Just wanted to thank for writing such a great musical God’'s Top Ten! (Commandments) We performed it in our service today and everyone enjoyed it so much. The kids had a great time. They loved the music. We got t-shirts wit...

Kathleen N. Furniss comments: Thank you very much for this wonderful ministry! Because of your reasonable price, I will be able to give each of my seven kindergartners this CD as an end of the year gift.

Elena Salvati comments: another satisfied customer. We have been using God's Top 10 in Jr Church for past year. Kid's love it. I plan to have kids sing "God Is #1" and "Be True to Your Mate" at my wedding next month.

Kitty Rider comments: I bought your God’s Top 10 cd many years ago. I used it in Sunday school. But most of all I used it at home with my children. When I had grandchildren I bought each of them one. My daughter played hers for her kindergarten class. God’s Top 10 ...

Sara Kennedy comments: I have to tell you that (my 3 1/2 year old) loves your music --†she sings the 10 commandments at school too! †I love that she's learning about God by singing music!

Sue Gilmore comments: .my daughter Elizabeth (6) asked me what “covet” meant from God's Top 10 and I was excited to share with her the meaning and thrilled that she had memorized the 10 Commandments because of the wonderful way it is put to music so that even the l...

Roger Malicay comments: When my daughter was in the Philippines, they had a concert about "Gods top ten" and I was impressed  the songs and the performance. Now we're here in Vancouver Canada, and the church that Im attending has a big group of kids,its about...

Tracy Lake comments: I really enjoyed your music. What a fabulous way to engage children. I am wondering if there is a way that I can get keyboard scores for your songs so that I can better use them in my classroom? I am the music teacher at a Catholic private school. Thank y...

Cleopatra Brice comments: Thank you for your wonderful music ‘God's top Ten'. Good talent. I would like to keep a program on the ten commandments, so we can sing the songs in our Children’s church program. Keep up the good work.

Deana Bondy comments: WOW!!!! our family’s TOP favorites: 1. Don't Bow Down to Idols 2. Amazing Grace 3. God's Top 10 Commandments 4. we love all T&G’s music!! We'll be watching for your exciting project!!!

Patsy Glitz comments: On any kids music compilation I would like to see the song "Lies" from God’s Top Ten Commandments.

Paul J. Duris comments: Our favorites are : DON'T BOW DOWN TO IDOLS & KING OF THE JUNGLE (we sing this one all the time!) 'I am so small' from Troy&Genie Nilsson’s sampler is one older kids like.

Ruth Myrick comments: I Love God's Top Ten. My impression of kids music in retail outlets is that they have a lot of "stuff" but not much stands out.

jacob varkey comments: We are interested in including some of the songs in our church worship, (esp. Don't bow down to idols).

Donna Vernon comments: I am working with the children at our church (June 2006) learning God's Top Ten from a cassette tape. I ordered the accompaniment CD as I found it on Amazon.com and waited and waited. Now, today it has been canceled as they were not able to locate ...

God's Top 10
Highlights MP3 Lo-Fi__

God Is Number 1 (One)
Don't Bow Down To Idols
God's Name Is Holy
God's Holy Day
The Honor Roll!
Let Life Live!
Be True To Your Mate, Mate
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Tell The Truth!
Be Above It, Never Covet
God's Top 10! Highlight Me
Los 10 mandamientos ( God'
Coro ( God Is Number 1 (On


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