WHAT IS LIFEBASE? LifeBASE is an amazing MAC/WINDOWS life management system written in FILEMAKERPRO. We've been developing it for several years, to handle our booking, production, and studio business, AND LIFE with constant updating from the staff here at Nilsson Media.   LIFEBASE intelligently integrates Contacts, Scheduling, Press Releases, Invoices, TODO list, Email address management, Correspondence (intelligent auto/manual-generation and archival), Relationships to others both in and not in the database, Project Management- basically everything in your life. LIFEBASE Completely eliminates the need for a Word Processor, email list manager, filing cabinet, calendar, accountant, memory, and all those scattered paper records trashing up the office.

WHO NEEDS IT? Everyone, but especially anyone who travels, especially performers & speakers. Also anyone who manages groups of people and wishes to correspond with many people in a very personal way.

WHAT DOES IT COST? Bids to create a system like this range from $5000 to $15,000, which is why we made it ourselves, which took well over 5000 hours. You could perhaps achieve some of its functionality by hacking together a system using off the shelf products for about $1500. But you can download LIFEBASE FOR FREE! Use it up to the specified record limit (initial beta version is 2000 records), then call for a password. If you can't afford the low suggested donation, we'll work with you.

IS IT EASY? It's very simple, but because it manages your entire life, it is very deep. Expect to invest some time in it. If you can't figure it out, give us a call at 888-801-5190 or We'll mail you a free instructional video! Until then, enjoy this handy guide.



WHO ID: Links all related information. Automatically assigned to each record. Don't Change.

NAME: Full Last/Middle/First Name of person or company- very handy!

TYPE: Sex is set automatically in the auto-check. Always correctly set the type.

TITLE/SUFFIX: Use these, rather than putting them in the name field.

MISC FIELDS: Use these to enter what the person is INTERESTED in, where you met them (finish the sentence "I met you at...", what to THANK them for, BIRTHDAY, and whether to include them in Bulk mailings. Religion & Category are your own renamable fields.

SPECIAL: For the rare bit of info you can't find a place for!

JOB: A description of the occupation or industry the person or company works in.

JOB LEVEL: Your evaluation of the person compared to the other people with the same job. 10 is high- near perfect.

PHONE: Button intelligently dials the number, area code is automatically derived from zip code.

The Question mark next to the Zip Code guesses the zip from the area code or the city/state. This is very imprtant, as it also enters longitude and latitude for your geofinds and notifications of nearby schedule events.

ADDRESS: Enter ZIP, then city, state, longitude, and latitude are automatically entered.

GEOFIND finds all addresses in a region you specify! TRY THAT IN ANY OTHER PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!

ADDRESS DESCRIPTION: The name of the location.

DIRECTIONS: How to get to the address.

EMAIL: JUST the email address. Describe it in description. Click the arrow to get details about the email address. Dplicate lights up if the email address is a duplicate.

WEB: Website address.

AUTO-CHECK (check button)- automates repetitive entry chores. Try it! You'll like it!



DOUBLE-CLICK on the banner that says "relation to {your name}". It will bounce over to the "relationship to you" checkboxes. You can change the values by clicking on the grey bar.

Correctly spell the name of the related person, as in their record. Their ID# will be called up. Then you can GOTO the related record or copy its basic information.

Specify relationship type.

Press "Skip" , or change the status to "was", if you don't want the relationship mentioned in letters. Otherwise, the letter customizer will do awesome things with the data you put here!

Some master/slave relationship types need to be entered edited in the MASTER record (top part of the page). Example: Company. If the relationship doesn't work right, try entering it from the other person's record.

Experiment and you'll love it!  



Click on the --> arrow to view any correspondence in the list.

REPLY generates an auto-response to the correspodence item.

Click on the DETAILS button to go to the detail for a correspondence item. Here you can change the person a correspondence record is assigned to, and archive parts of the correspondence in the "Rave Reviews" or "Favorite Quotes" files. "MATCH" assigns the correspondence to matching email address or names in your database. "NEW" makes a new record for the name/address. GET MAIL gets your mail from Eudora's "ANSWER NOW!!!!" mailbox (on Mac). Call if you want this feature in Windows (it's GREAT!).



This is a handy financial overview of each person's dealings with you. hit the invoice button to go to the corresponding invoice, or to start a new one if the row is blank. TO CONTENTS

Select a product name, and the rest of the information is automatically entered. Hit the print button to print a packing list. (We tape them to the wall, then log the shipment).

THE INVENTORY PAGE is where you enter basic info about your products. WEIGHT generates shipping costs.%of audience prepares for great sales projections. TO CONTENTS

Specify audience sizes (primary buying audience/secondary non-buying), to generate an accurate packing/ordering list. TO CONTENTS



Enter new items from the person's record who booked you. (TIP: make sure their ZIP CODE/longitude/latitude are entered before entering the calendar item.)

Click the view calendar button to all of your items. TO CONTENTS Expanded calendar view. TO CONTENTS

There is a great deal more to the calendar/planner which you can explore via the menu button.  



A LIFEBASE record can be a person, company, or project. List todo items for any. TIME denotes the number of hours:minutes needed to accomplish a task.



MERGE- generates an auto-letter based on your letter customizations.

This is where you store your own custom messages of any size. Note the sophisticated way that complex, targeted messages can be made easily. This feature alone is costs hundreds of dollars in the few programs that attempt it.

The "skip" button omits the item from letters. The "subject" appears in the subject line. TO CONTENTS

A larger view for editing your custom letter elements. TO CONTENTS



IMPORT streamlines the importing of basic information from flat file databases. If you are a Filemaker expert you may want to manually import for greater control.

DUPLICATE MANAGER gets rid of duplicates. Find any 2 duplicates and click to move the info from the 2nd record into the first. I recommend the manual option.


Use the IDEA manager to store your ideas for songs, speeches, books, albums, or any sort of presentation. PICTURE is good for leadsheets or other visual aids, text sheet is for printouts such as lyric sheets or outlines. SOUNDFILES lets you record right into your computer's microphone and play them back at any quality level! No more fussing with cassette recorders!

If you do any kind of public presentation, SETLIST will make your LIFE!!! Click PRINT INSTRUCTIONS, and your whole setlist will print in order with customized instruction pages for each crew/band member!!!! TO CONTENTS


Here's a beautiful way to literally cure your shopping headaches. Quotes are sorted by lowest price. The phone number automatically dials. Enter a model # and start gathering the needed comparison info in this wonderful shopping organizer.


Use this window to store unlimited numbers of pictures for each person in your LIFEBASE. Your record (ID#1) contains your pictures, the 1st of which is what shows up on your invoices and letters.

 MAILING LABELS Here's a handy layout for standard AVERY labels. TO CONTENTS



Here's a great way to track the hourly wages of your contract laborers and employees. Click to download a handy form for them to fill out each day. Net profit is the amount you approve to pay them for each task. WANT is the amount they want, which is limited by their "maxwage" field. This will help you greatly.


The summary tallies the total amount owed- paid, and the difference between what you've paid and what they wanted. How cool to be able to manage an unlimited # of employees and work exchanges. Now you can hire with confidence you'll get your money's worth.


I saved the best for last! If you do targeted mailings or if you travel, this is the answer to your prayers! This simply finds all records with addresses within X miles of any point you specify. The geofind miles setting also applies to automatic notification of nearby dates in your merge mailings. TO CONTENTS

Call 1-888-801-5190 or mailto:[email protected] with any questions or for a free instructional video! download LIFEBASE FOR FREE

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